$1M Mercedes Unimog Camper Is a Mansion on Wheels

Y’all tired of camper vans yet? There seem to truly be a never-ending stream of incredible and increasingly fancy campers flooding the trails of the world. This isn’t a complaint by any means, but the onslaught of new companies can get tiring. Something about this $1 mil Mercedes Unimog camper feels special. What do you get if you spend mansion money on a camper? A 4×4 camper mansion. 

SOD Rise 4x4 rendered in the desert
SOD Rise 4×4 | SOD

Meet the Stone Offroad Design Rise 4×4 Mercedes Unimog camper

As Gear Patrol mentions, there’s all-wheel drive, and then there’s a Unimog. For the uninitiated, the Unimog is one of the rawest, toughest, and most capable vehicles on Earth. Stone Offroad used the Mercedes Unimog as its base for the Rise 4×4 for this reason. It is instant street (trail) cred for any 4×4 enthusiast. 

The Mercedes Unimogs used for the camper base come with two engine options; either a 230-hp four-cylinder or a 395-hp six-cylinder diesel. The best part of using a Unimog for a camper is that SOD doesn’t have to do anything to the stock 4×4 system because it already comes with proper off-road gears, front and rear locking differentials, and raised air intakes that allow for four feet of water crossing depth. 

If the Unimog hasn’t convinced you of the hardness of the Rise 4×4, note that along with a spare tire carrier, the Rise 4×4 has an ATV carrying rack. 

How nice is the Rise 4×4 camper? 

SOD Rise 4x4 interior
SOD Rise 4×4 interior | SOD

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The Unimog base might throw you for a loop when you see how nice the interior of this mansion on wheels is. 

The Rise 4×4 has one of the finest cabins of any camper rig we have ever seen. For starters, there is a real kitchen. By that, I mean it comes with a full-size fridge/freezer combo and a four-top stove.

The luxury doesn’t stop there. We have seen plenty of luxury campers like EarthRoamer and the like that have nice wet bathrooms (running water), but the Rise 4×4 is on another level. Having a show in a camper of any kind is a serious luxury. Having a rain shower is unheard of until now. 

The cabin also sleeps four between the lofted sleeping area and a bed that descends from the ceiling over the dinette area. Stone Offroad Design also offers AC and heat, as well as heated floors. Now that’s luxury. 

How much does the Rise 4×4 cost? 

SOD rise 4x4 kitchen rendering
SOD rise 4×4 kitchen | SOD

EarthRoamer is kind of the big dog on the block for luxury 4×4 campers. However, as Gear Patrol mentions, the Rise 4×4 nearly makes the ER look a bit pedestrian, which is no easy task. Every aspect is made with intent and quality. 

Getting one of these in European garages takes a cool €899,900 with VAT included if you want the big daddy V6 diesel. At current exchange rates, that is over $1 million. Then again, these days on the American Housing market, you probably couldn’t do much better than a 400-hp 4×4 that you can also cook, shower, and sleep in for that money.

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