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So, despite your best efforts, you can’t escape a veritable avalanche of Christmas movies. Still, there is a way to find something for your movie car enthusiast side among the Christmas-clad celebrities on screen. Unexpected films like “Ernest Saves Christmas” and “White Christmas” conceal cool cars in holiday favorites.

These timeless movies each feature automotive respite from plentiful yuletide themes. Incidentally, three of them hit the screen in 1988. 

Christmas movieMake and model
Scrooged (1988)Checker Cab
Die Hard (1988)Lincoln limousine
White Christmas (1954)Willys MB
Ernest Saves Christmas (1988)R107 Mercedes-Benz SL

Checker Cab- “Scrooged”

Bill Murray and David Johansen hang out of a car in the 'Scrooged' Christmas movie.
Bill Murray and David Johansen in ‘Scrooged’ | FilmPublicityArchive, United Archives via Getty Images

In the retelling of Charles Dickens’s classic tale, Bill Murray portrays an Ebenezer Scrooge-esque character of the nastiest sort. As with Scrooge’s path to redemption, Murray’s character, Frank Cross, is visited by three ghosts. Therein lies the automotive surprise. 

The Ghost of Christmas Past, played by David Johansen, drives a rowdy 1970s-era Checker Cab. The classic Checker Marathon was once a popular part of New York life, enjoying a 22-year production run from 1961 to 1982, per Hagerty. Still, along with the Ghost’s gruff demeanor, the cab is a pretty cool set piece.  

Lincoln limousine- “Die Hard”

There it is, the line in the sand. “Die Hard,” the classic action saga centered around the events at Nakatomi Plaza, is, in fact, a Christmas movie. Still, regardless of where you come down on the “Die Hard” debate, the film hides a fantastic car in plain sight: a black 1988 Lincoln Limousine with one of the most superb chauffeurs in movie history.

Willys MB- “White Christmas”

A Willys MB, like the one from the Christmas movie, 'White Christmas,' flashes its equipment.
A Willys MB | Arterra, Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Admittedly, “White Christmas” isn’t at all about vehicles. However, a brightly remastered classic about WWII is sure to reveal a gem or two. And deliver it did; the Willys MB precursor to the civilian spec Wranglers we love is a charming set piece. That said, the little warfighter might prompt you to think, “The Army wasn’t really bad at all.”

R107 Mercedes-Benz SL- “Ernest Saves Christmas”

An R107 Mercedes-Benz SL, like the movie car from 'Ernest Saves Christmas,' shows off its front-end styling.
An R107 Mercedes-Benz SL | Pool Bassignac, Stevens, Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

Oliver Clark, playing the would-be Santa Claus in “Ernest Saves Christmas,” drives an R107 Mercedes-Benz SL. Admittedly, it’s a far cry from Santa’s sleigh. However, the R107 is just about one of the last words in elegance and sophistication.

Better yet, fans will find that the R107 could make a fitting Christmas gift to themselves; the SL is still relatively affordable, although average values are rising. Further, the R107 is a reliable and sensible prospect among classic cars; the classically styled cars were built like tanks, had standard disc brakes, and V8 engines with Bosch fuel injection.

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