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a black cabriolet g-wagon with a tan convertible top, press phot against a gray backdrop
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Why Do Celebrities and Rappers Love the Mercedes-Benz G Wagon?

The Mercedes-Benz G Wagon has been featured in reality television shows, music videos, and celebrity Instagram feeds for years. When you see one on the road, you know that they are a symbol of status, even more so than some of the other vehicles in the Mercedes-Benz lineup. But, despite the reputation, they aren’t as …
an overland build all starts with a G-wagon like this one proving its off-road prowess in the sand

Really? A $4,500 G-Wagon?

Yes, we’ve heard the Post Malone song. We know the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon is a cool SUV. But it’s also out of reach in terms of pricing for most people. While we get that its crazy price tag is part of why people covet this big Mercedes truck, we can’t help but wonder. Is there a …
a black cabriolet g-wagon with a tan convertible top, press phot against a gray backdrop
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Will Mercedes Ever Sell Another Convertible G-Wagon?

With the new release of the new Ford Bronco and the allure of its topless capability, other designated off-road vehicles might want to start taking notes. Certain 4×4 off-road SUVs like the Toyota 4Runner or the Land Rover Defender probably won’t ever see a convertible model. But the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon has already done it with …
A black 2014 G-Class SUV parked near the countryside.
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Will the New Ford Bronco Steal Sales From the G-Wagon?

The all-new 2021 Ford Bronco release is looming closer and closer. As of this writing, we don’t have much longer to wait until its national television debut. Everyone is excited about another sturdy and capable off-roader. Once Ford’s new off-pavement addition to the SUV segment will compete with lifestyle vehicles like the Toyota 4Runner the …
Mercedes Benz spy shot of the 4x4 squared
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Whoa! 2022 G-Wagen Spied on German Roads

The G-Wagen, or G-Wagon as we know it here in the US, is easily one of the coolest and most capable SUVs. It is a pop culture icon seen in music videos and song lyrics by artists such as American rapper Post Malone. The 400 plus horsepower twin-turbo V8 doesn’t hurt its reputation, either. Now, …
a rusty vintage Chevy C-10 Pickup truck parked in the grass with the hood open
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Does Post Malone Have a G-Wagon?

One of American rapper Post Malone’s most well-known songs repeats the lyric: “G-Wagon, G-Wagon, G-Wagon…” But does he own one? According to one source, this Mercedes truck does not live in his garage. But he does own some pretty interesting cars. Let’s take a look at Post Malone’s car collection. But first, let’s put one …
2020 Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG
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The $200k Mercedes G63 AMG’s Problem Isn’t With the SUV

Mercedes finally updated the G-Class in 2018 after seeing the outgoing version off with a 6-wheeled pickup and portal-axle version. With the newest model came a new AMG version, the Mercedes G63 AMG. The G-Wagon has always been an impressive off-roader and luxury symbol, but now it’s joined in the high-end luxury SUV market by …
Old vs. new Mercedes G63 AMG
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New G-Wagon Proves There Really Is a Replacement for Displacement

Sometimes, older vehicles can still keep up with their newer counterparts. Even off-roaders: a used 4Runner is just as capable as a new one, for example. However, while used off-road SUVs can be bargains, their technology is also dated. This even applies to the Mercedes G-Wagon: the luxury off-roader has really only seen two significant …
1996 Mercedes-Benz G320
Trucks & SUVs

A Used Mercedes G-Wagon Can Be Surprisingly Affordable

Normally, a Mercedes G-Wagon (aka G-Class) isn’t exactly a bargain. The SUV retains its value surprisingly well for a luxury off-roader, and even old models can sometimes sell for six figures. Usually, the only way to get a G-Wagen on the cheap is to get one from the military. However, it is still possible to …