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Buying your loved one a new car is an automotive advertising trope, but Mercedes wants to make it a reality. Provided buyers have some seriously deep pockets, that is. Mercedes-Benz has released a limited-run, diamond-infused G-Class, dubbed the Stronger Than Diamonds Edition, it says is a “very special symbol of love.”

The Stronger Than Diamonds G-Class, which is limited to 300 units globally, features actual diamonds in its cabin. Four 0.25-carat diamonds are set into the G-Class’ stainless steel door locking pins. Mercedes notes buyers will receive a Responsible Jewely Council certificate ensuring the diamonds used “originate from ethically, socially and ecologically responsible sources.”

The exterior door handles also sport an embossed diamond logo. The key fob wears a special “diamond insignia.”

The G 550 also sports exclusive Manufakture Rosewood Grey Magno exterior paint. The cabin sports Manufaktur black Nappa leather with Rose contrast stitching. The illuminated door sills and front passenger grab handle hammer home the exclusivity of the model with “Stronger Than Diamonds” branding.

So, how much does the G-Class Stronger Than Diamonds Edition Cost? It appears to be a case of, if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it.

Mercedes-Benz did not reveal pricing for the Stronger Than Diamonds Edition, but it will certainly command a pretty penny.

The 2024 G 550 starts at $144,150 MSRP. Expect the special edition to start far higher.

Mercedes-Benz G 550 Stronger Than Diamonds Edition side view in studio
Mercedes-Benz G-Class Stronger Than Diamonds Edition | Mercedes-Benz

First, of course, there are actual diamonds in the model. But its other upgrades are just as likely to drive up the price. Manufaktur offers several color options for the G-Class. “Magno,” or matte, colors like those adorning the Stronger Than Diamonds Edition cost thousands extra. Monza Grey Magno, Dakota Brown Magno and Dark Olive Magno command $6,500 extra on the standard 2024 G-Class.

Two Manufaktur interior packages are also available with Nappa leather for the 2024 G-Class. The “cheaper” of the two commands $8,100 while the “plus” package costs $13,250.

So, for those that got it wrong with their initial Valentine’s Day gift are bound to make up for it, at least in a spending sense, with the limited-run G-wagen SUV.

It’s unclear how prospective buyers can go about ordering the Stronger Than Diamonds Edition. This suggests that even if you have the deep pockets required for its purchase, you might not be able to get your Valentine the special model unless you have some Mercedes connections. But if you really want to make up for your relationship foibles, or express your love as much as your wealth, the G-Class Stronger Than Diamonds Edition certainly makes a bold statement.