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Cillian Murphy, the Irish actor featured in every middle-aged man’s favorite “Peaky Blinders” memes, won his first Oscar at the 96th Academy Awards. As you might expect, the “Oppenheimer” star keeps quite the commendable collection of luxury cars. In fact, Cillian Murphy’s choices in cars are sensible and understandable. From an opulent Mercedes-Benz S-Class to a smile-inducing Porsche 911, the Oscar winner has pretty good taste in rides. 

Cillian Murphy might be an Oscar winner, but he’s also a car collector

Cillian Murphy won his first Oscar at the 96th Academy Awards for his performance as J. Robert Oppenheimer in “Oppenheimer.” It’s the latest accomplishment in his near-30-year acting career. Consequently, the “The Dark Knight” star has a world-class, albeit sensible, collection of luxurious German vehicles. 

  • Mercedes-Benz S-Class
  • Audi Q7
  • Audi A8 L
  • Porsche 911
A pair of Porsche 911s, one 992 and a 930, cruise on the track.
A Porsche 911 992 and a 930 | Porsche

When it comes to automotive pioneers, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class is one of the great innovators of the luxury sedan segment. Padded steering wheels, seatbelt pre-tensioners, brake assist, and adaptive cruise control are all features the S-Class innovated. It’s no surprise, then, that Cillian Murphy would want one of these posh testaments to engineering. 

One of the Oscar winner’s more practical rides is an Audi Q7, per GQ India. It’s a seven-seater luxury SUV with Audi’s industry-defining interior. Depending on the model year, the Q7 packs as much as 335 horsepower courtesy of a turbocharged 3.0L V6. Of course, all-wheel drive (AWD) is standard kit. It’s a solid option for the rainy streets of Dublin, Ireland.

Keeping the trend of Audis moving, Murphy has an Audi A8 L. The A8 L is a sensible four-door luxury sedan with a longer wheelbase than the brand’s shorter A-series cars, like the popular A4. Not unlike the upper-trim Q7s, the A8 L develops as much as 335 horsepower from its 3.0L V6. That, and in typically Audi fashion, AWD is standard.

Cillian Murphy clearly doesn’t just want sensible cars and SUVs in his garage. Instead, the Irish actor owns a Porsche 911. We certainly can’t fault him for that. Depending on the generation, model year, and trim, the 911 is a bit of a Swiss Army Knife among luxury performance nameplates.