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Rowan Atkinson, the celebrity and comedian, has expensive automotive tastes. One of the star’s most noteworthy rides was none other than a McLaren F1, a benchmark in the evolution of the modern supercar. However, Atkinson’s experiences with his F1 are far from drama-free; he crashed the supercar twice. Moreover, his car insurance payout for the 2011 crash amounted to the “largest payout in UK history.”

Rowan Atkinson crashed his McLaren F1 twice

Rowan Atkinson at the wheel of his McLaren F1 supercar.
Comedian Rowan Atkinson at the wheel of his McLaren F1 | Barry Batchelor, PA Images via Getty Images)

Rowan Atkinson, star of the “Mr. Bean” and “Johnny English” movie franchises, crashed his beloved McLaren F1 not once, but twice. Admittedly, that seems on-brand for both of those namesake characters. However, Atkinson isn’t a poor driver. No, the comedian is a serious enthusiast and even races in events and hill climbs.

Still, Atkinson’s talent couldn’t keep him from crashing the F1 twice. In the 2011 crash, a slick patch of road near Peterborough in England claimed Atkinson’s traction, leading to an impact with a tree. It was a violent wreck, but Atkinson walked away from the wreckage with a shoulder injury. Pretty fortunate, all things considered. 

Atkinson’s 2011 crash resulted in a payout of nearly £910,000 to fix the McLaren

However, it wasn’t the injury or the high-profile driver that continues to shock fans over 10 years later; it’s the bill. Specifically, McLaren Special Operations took nearly a year to remedy around £910,000 of damage. It’s the largest car insurance payout in UK history, per Yahoo! Finance.

What’s more, the star’s repair bill out-spended his initial purchase of the supercar. Atkinson paid a hefty £640,000 for the car when it was new in 1997. However, the damage caused by the English tree required an additional £270,000 to fix, not including the impacts of inflation.    

Why did Rowan Atkinson sell his McLaren F1?

Rowan Atkinson sold his McLaren F1 after concluding it was too flashy; he couldn’t go anywhere without “being the center of attention.” What’s more, the star sold the McLaren supercar for a profit, even after two accidents.

It’s a chain of events fitting of Atkinson’s beloved spy spoof “Johnny English.” However, in the end, the British actor collected memories behind the wheel of the McLaren and a tidy profit.


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