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The Toyota Camry is an institution in the United States. Hell, the Camry has been cruising American streets and knocking out errands for domestic Toyota drivers since the early 1980s. However, the 2025 Toyota Camry hits the streets without showing signs of slowing down or stopping. In fact, the 2025 model proves that the Toyota sedan changes with the times.

The 2025 Toyota Camry continues strong beyond the lifespan of the Avalon with a hybrid-only lineup

The 2025 Toyota Camry is back with a new look inside and out. Gone is the Camry’s post-facelift aesthetic in favor of an expansive grille and sculpted fascia features. It’s a welcome update from the seventh-generation Camry and its seven-year stretch. 

Of course, the most significant update in the 2025 Toyota Camry story is the all-hybrid lineup for the new model year. Unlike the 2024 model, the new Camry ditches the non-hybridized four-cylinder option and the 301-horsepower V6 in the TRD and lower trims. It also means less variety for fans of the Toyota sedan model. For instance, the 2024 model year offered more than twice as many trims as the upcoming 2025 Camry and its four hybrid options. 

Model Starting price
Camry LE$29,495
Camry SE$31,795
Camry XLE$34,495
Camry XSE$35,695

However, some things remain the same for the Camry, even as the model gets an update. The LE and SE remain the most affordable options for car shoppers. Moreover, the XLE and XSE stay in the mix, proving that the “X” stands for “X-tra luxury.” Specifically, the XLE and XSE add leather aplenty, heated surfaces, extra noise insulation, and ambient lighting over the lower-trim Camrys.

A blue 2025 Toyota Camry XLE sedan cruises down a city street.
The 2025 Toyota Camry XLE | Toyota

Sure, the Camry lost another ranking among the Japanese brand’s top-sellers to the popular RAV4 compact SUV. However, Toyota claims the new Camry will get upwards of 51 mpg combined for the 2025 model year. While that’s not quite Prius numbers, it’s more than enough to establish the all-hybrid Toyota Camry as one of the most efficient sedans in the segment. Better yet, the hybrid platform is more powerful than last year. All-wheel drive (AWD) models will produce as much as 232 horsepower, a 24-horsepower improvement over the previous generation. Of course, it’s a far cry from the 301 ponies in the now-extinct 3.5L V6.