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Legendary football coach Nick Saban is hanging up his headset in retirement, and he’s expected to enjoy his days off the turf in Jupiter Beach, Florida, at a beachside estate he purchased for a whopping $17.5 million last year. He won’t be adhering to the cliché of retiring in Florida to pootle around on a golf cart, though. Saban’s car collection is full of excitement as he swaps the Crimson Tide for a Prancing Horse.

A Ferrari Portfino M parked with a skyline in the background
Ferrari Portfino M | Ferrari

Saban is a co-owner of a Nashville-area Ferrari dealership, according to Sportskeeda. Additionally, he’s the co-owner of Dream Motor Group, which owns several Mercedes-Benz dealerships and an Alabama Infiniti dealership, according to the company’s website. It’s no surprise then that Saban’s retirement rides won’t be fuel-sipping economy cars.

Saban reportedly owns a Ferrari Portofino M, a hardtop/convertible grand tourer dishing out 612 horsepower from a twin-turbo V-8. Other notable specs include a 0-60 mph time of just 3.1 seconds, a top speed of nearly 200 mph, and a starting price tag of about a quarter-million dollars.

It seems Saban’s new neighbors won’t be woken up by the screaming V8 often, though. Saban apparently only drives his Ferrari on Wednesdays, and only if it isn’t raining, Sportskeeda reported.

Saban can enjoy a selection of Tri-Star badged Mercedes-Benz models for the rest of the week.

He also owns a Mercedes S550, the most powerful non-AMG offering of the ultra-luxe S Class. Saban also reportedly owns a Mercedes-Benz AMG GTS, perhaps his speedy ride when he’s not piloting his Portfino M. The GTS was apparently sold via auction via Alexander Auctions & Real Estate Services, with Saban’s ownership used to market the sale.

The life of a college football coach includes plenty of travel, and when he’s not behind the wheel, Saban still travels in seriously upscale accommodations. The now-retired coach owns a Mercedes Sprinter van dubbed the “Nick Saban Signature Series.” The 3500 Sprinter features luxe amenities throughout, including a refrigerator, luxury recliner-style seats with a massage function, several TVs, custom golf bag inserts, and interior appointments that wouldn’t look out of place in a private luxury jet.

Saban previously stated he doesn’t take an active role in operating the dealerships, but that could change in his retirement. Regardless, Saban’s car collection underscores he is certainly reaping the benefits.