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A selection of custom golf carts are on display at a dealership
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Custom Golf Cart Body Kits Are Real and Awesome

I have written before about an interest I had in starting a custom golf cart shop. My interest in the industry was born out of epiphany I had while exploring the town of Colonial Beach, Virginia, which is a certified golf cart community. It was there that I realized that custom golf carts are a …
George Barris standing by the Batmobile
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Automotive Artist Profile: George Barris

Several years ago, I wrote a series of articles profiling automotive artists. Each article highlighted a particular artist and what it was about their work that I found fascinating. I recently came back across those articles, and they inspired me to revisit some of those artists, and to highlight some additional ones that have gained …
Pixar's Mater Golf Cart Conversion
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Golf Carts Are Not Just For Golf Courses, Part 2

In the first post about this subject, I shared with you how I went on a trip to a beach community and came upon the bright idea of opening a golf cart dealer and customization business, or if not open one on my own, at least get a job at one. In this post, I …
A golf cart made to look like Pixar's Mater from the Cars movie
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Golf Carts Are Not Just for Golf Courses, Part 1

I am an auto enthusiast. As such, I have always had dreams of owning and operating one car business or another. The first limiting factor, of course, is capital to either get the business started or to purchase an already existing one. Also, I recognize that jumping into a full-fledged automotive business without taking steps …