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I am an avid “Automotive Nut” that appreciates vintage vehicles, muscle cars, exotics, and just about anything with wheels. I see automobiles as works of art, formed with great craftsmanship and patience. - “The opinions expressed on this site are my own and do not necessarily represent the views of Endgame360 or Motorbiscuit.”

RVs parked at a lot by the ocean
Marine & RVs

Keeping the Holidays Fun In An RV

The holidays are commonly a time of spreading cheer . . . or trampling shoppers. But, I digress. One thing that helps get people giddy with excitement for the holidays is decorating their homes and participating in neighborhood activities. However, life in an RV can be a little different during the holidays. So, below are some ways to bring …

A Winnebago Navion RV sits in a valley on a nice blue-sky day.
Marine & RVs

What Are RV Black Water and Gray Water Tanks?

Not everybody is familiar with a recreational vehicle. Instead, some people are just RV curious. So, many terms tossed about in brochures and websites may be unfamiliar to them. That is okay. Everybody starts learning somewhere. For example, the terms black water tanks and gray water tanks are often used in connection with RVs. Below …

A Winnebago Navion RV sits in a valley on a nice blue-sky day.
Marine & RVs

Tricks to Get Around the 10-Year RV Rule

I recently posted an article about the infamous ten-year RV rule. The article pointed out that there are multiple reasons a campground may institute a policy barring recreational vehicles more than ten years old. But, different things can be done to get around the RV age rule. Problems with the 10-year RV rule At the center of the …

A closeup view of Google's self-driving car
Tips, Tricks & Trends

Self-Driving Autonomy Threatens to Kill Your Driving Experience

There’s a difference between a driving experience and riding experience. Driving gives a sense of control. Driving is an experience that permeates the driver’s body through visceral feeling and response from the vehicle. A rider’s experience, by contrast, is much different and more attuned to comfort and destressing. Full self-driving autonomous vehicles threaten to kill …

A worker drives a right-hand drive vehicle.
Tips, Tricks & Trends

Where Do People Use Right-Hand Drive?

There was a time when I was a rural US Postal Mail carrier. At that time, I became very familiar with the need to have right-hand drive vehicles – mailboxes are on the right side of the road. But aside from the parcel delivery services and automotive collectors, there’s very little need to have a right-hand drive vehicle …

People going for a ride in a Bayliner boat
Marine & RVs

Full-Time Boat Living Hits Snag With Pandemic

The global COVID-19 pandemic shutdown began its clampdown regionally in late February to early March of this year. During that period, there was a lot of news about people on cruise ships being stuck onboard with no understanding of when they would be permitted to disembark. But the pandemic did not just affect the cruise ship …

A white Volkswagen Golf GTI leaves the city.
Tips, Tricks & Trends

How Volkswagens Got Their Names

Automakers have long sought inspirations on how to name their vehicles. For example, Lamborghini has been known to name its vehicles after bulls made famous in the bullfighting scene. Other’s have named their vehicles after geographic locations such as the Chevrolet Corsica, the GMC Canyon, or the Kia Telluride. Volkswagen has also found its inspiration from different things …

The Mazda Amazing Suitcase Car
Tips, Tricks & Trends

Mazda Made an Amazing Suitcase Car

Back in the early 1990s, Mazda was flush with money. Their Mazda Miata model had recently taken the world by storm. So, the extra inflow of dollars encouraged the company to explore other possibilities. A suitcase car was one of the ideas that came to life. Yeah, you read that correctly. The Mazda Amazing Suitcase …