An Electric Scooter With a Born To Be Wild Chopper Aesthetic Is Forbidden Fruit

Electric scooters are nice transportation tools. Just, nice. But, consumers are not all alike. Some of us like vehicles or tools with an extra edge to them. Nice is not enough. For example, there are motorcycles, and then there are choppers. Well, a company has figured out a way to make a scooter a little edgier and provide some of that born-to-be wild aesthetic.

The 2021 Wyld electric scooter

This blue and black electric scooter looks like a motorcycle chopper.
The 2021 Electric Mobility Solutions Wyld scooter | EMos Australia

Electric Mobility Solutions, or EMoS, has created the Wyld, and it is very chopper-like. The electric scooter’s handlebars are fashioned after the “ape-hanger” craze. The Wyld’s frame is leaned back on a serious rake when compared to other scooters. The rear suspension is present, thankfully. So, a rider’s back has to endure an arduous journey, no matter how long it is. A deep and cushy saddle is also present for comfort.

As nice as the frame is at invoking the bad-to-the-bone energy, the scooter’s real eye-catchers are the tires and wheels. They are not the skinny units typically found on scooters. No, the tires on the Wyld are fat 18-inch units providing good traction and steering feel.

The digital display on the Wyld covers the basics. Readouts are there for the speed and range. Of course, the display also informs the rider if the lights are on and which turn signal indicator is being used. That is, assuming the rider is actually going to use the turn signals.

“Just putting an electric motor into the frames of previously offered vehicles is not making use of the design freedom the use of electric motors and batteries can provide. We want people to turn their heads for our vehicles. We want them to be excited about the form and the function and to make a statement for electric vehicles and that is the same for the WYLD.” – EMoS CEO and co-founder, Harry Proskefallas.

Range and pricing for the WYLD Scooter

The 2021 Electric Mobility Solutions Wyld scooter colors | EMos Australia

The range for the electric, non-folding scooter depends on three battery options. The 12 ah battery will provide a range of up to 37 miles. The middle battery offering is a 20 ah unit that will reach up to 50 miles. However, swapping in a 30 ah battery will up the range to 56 miles. Speed is limited to 31 mph. A full charge can be reached in five hours.

EMoS has set pricing for the 2021 Wyld at AUD 2,999 AUD ($2,200 USD) for the 12 ah version. The 20Ah variant has a price tag of AUD 5,599 ($4,107 USD). Finally, EMoS also offers a 30Ah swappable battery for an additional AUD 850 ($623 USD).

Forbidden fruit

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Here is the problem. The 2021 Wyld is a new product from a company based in Australia. As of this writing, the electric scooter is only available in Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. No word yet on a release time frame for the United States. So, the Wyld is forbidden fruit for right now. Depending on how successful the product is, the expansion plans may change.