The Best Tight-Space Electric Bicycle for under $500 Weighs Only 37 Lbs

People are not as comfortable riding on crowded busses, trains, or carpooling due to the global health crisis. So, many people are finding that the electric bicycle is a great commuting alternative. But, some of the electric bikes are bulky, large, and heavy. However, there is one better suited for the commuter that is affordable and folds to make carrying and storage easy.

Swagtron EB5 Pro electric bicycle

A folded and unfolded black Swagtron EB5 Pro Electric Bicycle
Swagtron EB5 Pro Electric Bicycle | Swagtron

The Swagtron EB5 Pro electric bicycle is perfect for a commuter concerned with compactness and affordability. Electric bikes tend to get pricey pretty quickly. But, the EB5 pro maintains a reasonable price point. It is advertised on their website at $499. 

The $499 price point reflects a pedal-assisted electric bicycle. Onboard the electric bicycle is a 36-volt battery that takes only four to five hours to recharge. That full charge will provide a range of approximately 15 miles. However, the range will extend if the rider pedals. 

The bicycle folds compactly

The Swagtron EB5 Pro is a pretty compact platform as well. The handlebar folds, as do the pedals and the frame. So, the bicycle folds down to fit in a compact car trunk or under a desk. This is perfect for those who will only use the electric bicycle as a last-mile commuting vehicle or short runs between a nearby home and work but need a tight space format.

Here is the best part. The folded bicycle is not only easier to carry it is also lighter than many of its competitors on the market. The electric bicycle comes in at 37 lbs. That is extremely light considering the frame is robust enough to handle riders up to 264 lbs., according to CNET.

Speaking of CNET. They recently reviewed the Swagtron EB5 Pro and came away impressed. In fact, the organization named the electric bicycle to their 2021 best cheap electric scooters and e-bikes under $500 list.

Electric rideable sales are booming

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Electric bicycles as a whole have seen a large increase in sales during the past year. Some vendors are experiencing sales that shot up over 90 percent when compared to the previous year. In fact, many people are referring to electric bicycles as an equalizer. The bikes give people the opportunity to pedal for exercise and provide mobility for older people who may have arthritis or another condition that limits pedaling ability. 

The Swagtron EP5 Pro permits both. It is a pedal-assist bicycle. So, pedaling is not necessary but will help with range extension for the battery. As mentioned before, the bike is also lightweight. This means that those with lifting concerns will appreciate the total package. 

Overall, the Swagtron EP5 Pro seems to be the perfect solution for many users. If a rider wants a healthy commute to or from work, or an elderly person wants something that they can pedal on occasion, this bike seems to fit the bill. The bike also had the call out from CNET. So, that should be pretty telling about the respect it has and the tight-world capabilities it offers. So, if someone is shopping, maybe the Swgtron EP5 Pro should go on the checklist of possible electric bicycle purchases. Happy trails, my friends!