Save Up Now For Portable Electric Sea Scooter Fun In the Spring and Summer

Marine scooters exist. Many people are unfamiliar with them. So, let’s explore what they are and discuss which scooter or two were voted Best Picks for 2021.

What is a sea scooter?

A diver underwater propelled by an orange Geneinno S2 water scooter with a GoPro camera.
Geneinno-S2 water scooter with GoPro camera | Geneinno

Mention the word scooter, and people often think of a small two or three-wheeled vehicle a rider mounts. But, a sea scooter is a totally different breed of machine. It has no wheels for the roadway. Instead, the machine provides propulsion as it pulls the diver underwater or along the surface of the water. This makes it a great aid to deep-sea divers in the ocean, but also fun for recreational purposes at a beach, lake, or pool.

In years past, sea scooters were large expensive behemoths that a diver would lay on. Today, technological advances mean that they have become compact, electric, hand-held devices. Many of them have also become affordable for the average consumer.

CNET Best Picks of 2021

CNET recently published its list of the best electric scooters and skateboards for 2021. Interestingly, their categories included and sea scooters. CNET is a respected source that follows the technology industry and translates its impact on consumers at large. For this most recent Best Pick list they highlighted two sea scooters.

The AquaRobotMan MagicJet Seascooter

A yellow and black AquaRobotMan MagikJet underwater sea scooter
AquaRobotMan MagikJet underwater sea scooter | AquaRobotman

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The AquaRobotMan MagicJet Seascooter has a 155 wh rechargeable battery. That battery can be swapped out even if fully submerged in freshwater, as long as the unit is shut off for the swap. The unit provides enough propulsion to pull two people, although maneuverability and speed will be affected. Depending on the setting, low or high, the device can propel a person at up to four miles per hour and down to 164 feet below the surface. Thankfully, an indicator is present for battery-level monitoring. It is priced on Amazon at $699 at the time of this writing.

The Geneinno S2 water scooter

A diver underwater propelled by the Geneinno S2 water scooter.
Geneinno-S2 water scooter | Geneinno

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The Geneinno S2 water scooter has a 97 wh rechargeable battery through an included magnetic charger. Of course, there is an LED battery indicator. The unit will propel the user up to 2.7 mph and has an app to enable tracking of each dive. The device even has GoPro camera mounts built-in. It can reach up to 98 feet below the surface. Currently, this unit is available on Amazon at $336.42.

“The Geneinno S2 may not be the fastest or most powerful water scooter, but the lightweight electric scooter weighs only 5.9 pounds and fits in a backpack, making it a good pick for flights to vacation getaways.” – CNET

Water scooters are fun to use. Any person who loves swimming will tell you that the only reasons they come out of the water are tiredness or having an appointment. Water scooters can not change the appointment calendar, but they can change the amount of time out on the water before one becomes tired. However, the devices are no substitute for good training and water safety. Even so, these small and increasingly and affordable devices are sure to put a smile on the faces of young and old alike.