The Best Hands-Free Scooter Premium Experience For 2021 According to CNET

Electric scooters have been a growing trend in recent years. That is especially true during the global health crisis of the past year. Many people are now more conscious to avoid busses and trains. So, some are using a scooter to navigate to and from work. Others are using a rental scooter for last-mile transportation between the parking garage and the office building. So, when CNET published its list of the Best Electric Scooter Options for 2021, it catches our attention.

CNET is respected for its tech industry coverage and product reviews. Since electric-everything is in the news these days, they have been busy. Recently, they went through the trouble of putting together a list of their best electric scooter and skateboard picks for 2021. That list was recently published. What follows is one of those picks. 

Onewheel Plus XR: Best Hands-Free Scooter Premium Experience

Onewheel Plus XR electric unicycle scooter.
Onewheel Plus XR electric rideable | Onewheel

On the CNET list of electric rideables is Future Motion’s Onewheel Plus XR. The device is labeled on the list as the best hands-free scooter premium experience. The odd thing is that the Onewheel Plus XR is not a scooter. Instead, it is more of a unicycle and skateboard hybrid. But, it still falls under the CNET’s review of electric rideables.

The Onewheel Plus XR is a strong unit created with machined aluminum. So, it can hold up to 300 lbs. Once fully charged, the unit will reach 12-18 miles and up to 19 mph.

An app connected via Bluetooth connection with the rider’s phone tells the riders the status of the battery life and the distance traveled. The app is handier than one might think. It will warn the rider when the battery has reached 50 percent and encourage the rider to turn back to finish their trip. Also, CNET commented,

“if you don’t want to ride alone, there’s a small but engaged community of Onewheelers throughout the country. They do trail rides and get together for city rides. Onewheel friends can be found through the iOS or Android apps” – CNET

The app keeps track of a global leader board. Rider’s can see who has put in the most miles for the day or the longest riding streak. So, the riders with the most competitive mindset may find themselves trying to outdo each other by riding just for the sake of accruing more miles than the next person – a virtual challenge against each other. 

First impressions of the scooter-unicycle-skateboard hybrid

The video above is a review by the Talon Sei YouTube channel. The host goes over his first impressions about the product and how to ride it. It is apparent by the end of his review that he grew more impressed by the scooter-unicycle-skateboard hybrid riding device the longer he spent time with it. 

Pricing for the Onewheel Plus XR

The Onewheel Plus XR unicycle scooter at the foot of a rider.
The Onewheel Plus XR | Onewheel

Electric Off-Road Scooter Can Take You Anywhere

Pricing for the Onewheel Plus XR is currently listed on the company’s website at $1,799. So, it is not an inexpensive ride. In fact, some electric bicycles are priced lower. However, the device is smaller and more nimble. It is easier to store, put in a car trunk, or take on mass transit. Also, the nimbleness means it is easier to maneuver through streets full of people. Of course, always ride carefully and do not take yourself or other pedestrians out.