Winnebago Built a Magic Bus EV Mobile School RV

Winnebago has a specialty vehicle division. This division takes care of crafting their commercial platforms for clients that require special attention. For example, they prepare a Winnebago RV for use as a food truck, wheelchair-accessible RV, mobile surgical station or dental office, and so on. Recently, they got the opportunity to work together with the YouthPower365 PwrUp program in Colorado. Together, they created an all-electric RV to house a mobile preschool.

The mobile preschool RV

The Magic Bus mobile preschool EV Winnebago RV
The Magic Bus mobile preschool EV Winnebago | The Vail Valley Foundation

YouthPower365 PwrUp is a program run by the Vail Valley Foundation. According to its website, the organization uses the RV called, the Magic Bus, to provide a preschool experience for children ages 3 to 5 years. Of course, with the global health concerns right now, class sizes have been adjusted, and medical precautions are in place. But, the Magic Bus RV visits communities in Vail Valley, Colorado. While there, the organization hosts 2 hours classes that provide,

“developmentally appropriate activities that build social-emotional, language, literacy, and math development using dual language instruction. Teachers on the bus utilize Teaching Strategies GOLD to assess students’ progress, develop lesson plans, and inform parents during home visitation conferences. The program allows children to experience the importance of play and discovery while preparing for kindergarten.”

The Magic Bus RV

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The Winnebago Specialty Vehicles provided a commercial class A chassis for the Magic Buss build. According to our friends at Auto Evolution, the bus is all-electric with an estimated operating range of 100 miles. The electric motivation will yield a savings of up to 85 percent of operational costs of the RV for the Vail Valley Foundation.

Many of the parents in the area are in rural locations. So, the Magic Bus is important in helping reach the young students and prepare them for success as they head into kindergarten. Auto Evolution says the Magic Bus RV is packed with “books, toys, games, building blocks and other learning tools.”

Winnebago Specialty Vehicles

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Specialty vehicles are not a new thing from Winnebago. The company began the specialized offering decades ago. The division takes an RV shell and customizes it to fit the needs of their customers. The projects have covered diverse genres. But, all of them are custom made to fit the needs of the customer. Think of them as a tailor that custom makes a suit or dress. The RV platforms are prepared as custom as necessary.

We have published before that during the global health crisis right now, many people have transitioned to doing business in an RV. Instead of walking through crowded airports, train stations, and bus depots, many people have chosen to take an RV to see their distant clients or carry on outdoor classes. So, the speed of business in many cases during recent months has become the 65 mph an RV does across highways. In the case of the Magic Bus, an RV is also the speed of education.