Easy Maintenance Keeps Your Electric Bike or Scooter Battery in Top Shape

Many consumers have a general idea of how to take care of a car, truck, van, or SUV. Yet, electric bike or scooter maintenance is often bewildering to the same consumers. Keeping any vehicle operating in tip-top shape is important. Doing so prevents many unhappy surprises. So, here are a few easy tips to keep an electric bike or scooter battery in top shape.

The basics – battery maintenance

Women ride electric scooters in Santa Monica, California.
Women ride shared electric scooters in Santa Monica, California. Cities across the U.S. are grappling with the growing trend of electric scooters which users can unlock with a smartphone app. | ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images

First, looking at the basics of the batteries will provide some insight into their care. The most basic principle is that batteries degrade. But, their degradation can be spurred on by poor maintenance of the bike or scooter. So, what can help extend the range and the useful life of the battery?

It is tempting to charge a battery to 100 percent between uses. The reason? Well… there is a lot of technical mumbo jumbo that goes into the explanation, but suffice to say that charging a battery completely after every use is not a good idea. Instead, if the bicycle or scooter is used daily, charge it only once weekly to 100 percent.

Also, fully discharging a battery is bad. Some batteries that reach zero percent become “bricked,” as in, “as useful as a brick.” So, if possible, try not to drop the battery level below 10 percent.

Regular maintenance

A black and orange electric scooter is shown with somebody riding it in an urban setting. Electric scooters need regular maintenance too.
The Cycleboard Rover G2 electric scooter | Cycleboard

Regular maintenance for a bicycle is a little different from an electric bicycle to a scooter. But, the basics are the same. For example, check the tire pressure. If the air pressure is lower than the manufacturer’s suggestion, add some air. A poorly performing tire can add drag, or resistance, to the motor and drain it faster than necessary.

Another concern for electric rideables regarding maintenance is brakes. Brakes wear away, but sometimes they were uneven. Other times, they can stick. Like in a car, truck, van, or SUV, it is important to pay attention to the braking system. If weird noises are erupting when the brake is applied, then address it immediately. Brakes can crack and fail. They can even stick, and when they do… well, dragging brakes do not smell well and fail faster. Either way, bad brakes are dangerous and can drain a battery unnecessarily.

Maintenance of the chain is important too! If the electric scooter or bicycle has a visible chain, then it more than likely has received its fair share of dirt and grit. It is a good idea to carefully wipe off any loose excess Earth off of the chain. Then re-lube it with the proper chain oil. If the chain or belt is not visible, take the electric scooter or bicycle to a service professional. Removing the excess material from the chain can lessen resistance and restore lost power to the battery.

Stay on top of it and longer battery life will follow


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Electric scooters and bicycles can be a lot of fun. They can also be useful transportation tools. But, they can do both less if they are not maintained correctly. Fortunately, keeping an electric battery in top shape is easy. The tips above will go a long way to furthering their enjoyment. Happy trails, my friends!