Destress and Avoid the Commuter Mindset With These Tips

Commuting back and forth to work can be a bit of a stress inducer for some. For those who have longer commutes, the stress of stop and go traffic and dealing with distracted drivers is very real. If not addressed, the commuter mindset can lead to road rage as each trip continues to wear on a person emotionally and physically. In this sense, car safety is not just about a vehicle or its components. It is also about how the immediate driving environment affects the driver. Manufacturers realize this and do what they can to make their vehicle interiors a haven of comfort and peace. Here are some tips that also help destress and combat the commuter mindset.

Use the time to get educated

The morning rush hour commute on I10 shows a packed roadway.
Phoenix commuters drive on the I-10 Freeway during the morning commute to work April 5, 2005 in Phoenix, Arizona. | Jeff Topping/Getty Images

In this day in age, it is very easy to become a member of an audiobook app or two. Signing up for the apps opens the doors to all kinds of educational opportunities, either for a person’s job or their hobbies. A lot of commuters use the apps to download or stream audiobooks for their ways to and from work. It allows them to destress and learn at the same time. 

Hero music

Never underestimate the power of music and the roadway. Music can help refocus one away from the commuter mindset and toward an achievement mentality. Music has been known to be both a positive and a negative influence on mindsets. Use the positive. If listening to the Marvel cinematic universe, the Top Gun Anthem, or the Barney I Love You soundtracks give the charge needed, then make sure they are on the playlist for the commute. 

How do car safety and exercise work together?

Car safety and Mental or physical health go hand in hand  People exercise at Inspire South Bay Fitness behind plastic in their workout pods
People exercise at Inspire South Bay Fitness behind plastic in their workout pods | FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images

Car safety is greatly limited when more people are on the road. So, consider using the time normally associated with rush hour to or from work to go to the gym. If everybody gets off of work at 5, then everybody is on the road at 5. Consider, instead, going after work around the corner to the gym and working out. It is good for body health and to work out frustrations from the emotions. Then go home afterward when there is less traffic on the road. 

Car safety and cleanliness are related?

Yes, car safety and cleanliness are related. The mind does not like disorder or filth, even in a person’s car. Also, suppose a person does not take care of their interior. In that case, there is a good possibility that they are also lax in taking care of other things on the vehicle unrelated to the interior. In this way, cleanliness and maintenance are influences on car safety. But, they also help the mind emotionally. A clean and well-running car can set the mind at ease. 


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Decide to leave 10 minutes earlier

It has been said that the difference between being late and being on time is four minutes. I don’t know who said it or if it was part of a published study or not. The truth still stands, though, that making an effort to leave 10 minutes earlier can destress a commute. 

Glance at the 10 leading causes of death in America, and you won’t find the word “stress” anywhere. Yet many well-respected studies link stress to a variety of ailments, including heart disease, stroke, and cancer. – Harvard Medical School

Peace of mind is critical in these times of short-tempered, road raging, stressed-out commuters. So, it is important to find those things that encourage good spiritual and emotional well being and peace of mind. Thus, car safety is not just about the vehicle. It is also about the person driving the vehicle. Be well, my friends.