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Like all things these days, golf carts can range wildly in price. However, that doesn’t mean you have to spend crazy money in order to buy a good golf cart. Given the luxurious nature of the product, you’ll still have to pay up to get one. So, exactly how much does a good golf cart cost? 

Golf cart price range

Before we get going here, I don’t want to hear about the 9 trillion dollar golf cart that some Youtuber bought with Pokemon card money. It’s 2023; you can spend any amount of money on anything; those fools don’t count.  

According to Revel42, the average price of the more popular golf cart brands like EZ-GO, Yamaha, and Club Car fall somewhere in the range of $9,000-$18,000. While that is a pretty wide range, there are many different types of golf carts these days. Newer brands of golf carts, such as Evolution, Icon, or Advanced EV, will cost considerably less than one of the more popular brands. However, that doesn’t mean that these are a bad choice. 

The days of the little carts only meant to piddle around the golf course are long gone. These mini vehicles have grown in popularity over the years and now populate the suburbs like they are standard-issue equipment like sidewalks or driveways. 

The used golf cart market is like the used car or motorcycle market in that you aren’t guaranteed a better deal. A Decently used golf cart will typically run between $4,500 and $13,000. The standard two- or four-seater carts usually fall on the cheaper end of that range, while the larger six-seaters might be closer to the top end. 

Do street-legal golf carts cost more money? 

off-road golf cart in the dirt. How much do you have to spend to get a good golf cart?
Off-road golf cart | Wikimedia Commons.

This section of the market is blowing up. These “golf” carts made for road travel are popping up in wealthy neighborhoods in droves. These carts are where the price can really get wild. Specialty brands like the recently rebranded Bad Boy Buggy that is road legal and also have 4WD can get pretty pricey. The range for these buggies starts around $10,000 and stretches upwards of $20,000.

These carts are more expensive because they offer things like built-in coolers, doors, stereos, fancy wheels, and more powerful powertrains. 

When you move into the off-road capable golf carts with upgraded suspension and lift kits, the prices can climb even higher. 

Are electric golf carts more expensive than gas golf carts? 

Golf cart prices depend more on brand than engine/motor type. This is because it is much cheaper to make an electric cart than a car. It is uncommon to see electric golf carts come in cheaper than their gas counterparts. Unlike cars and trucks, gas golf carts can perform better than cheaper electric carts. Again, the brand often matters more than the power type. 

The good news is that golf carts have been around for a while. There are many different kinds and price points. The more popular they get, so too will the diversity in the used market grow. Golf car prices vary as much as anything else, but in general, you should be able to find something for whatever you need your cart to do around the $10,000 mark. Happy hunting.