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Car chases are becoming more common every day, and in California, where this incident was, they’re ubiquitous. Yes, for once, this crazy police chase did not happen in Florida. Anyway, this chase has everything you would want to see in a police chase. It has a drunk (allegedly) shirtless, shoeless man, a dog, spike strips, and a fleeing stolen golf cart, and it happened in Hollywood—all recipes for a fun time. 

Why were police chasing after the golf cart?

Police chase golf cart side view at night
Police chase golf cart | ABC7 via YouTube

This crime happened in West Hollywood, where a robbery had just taken place on Ventura Blvd. Police received a call about a man who robbed a jewelry store with a knife. He then stole a golf cart and took off. 

Once the police were on the scene, they eventually found the man in the golf cart. At this point, he didn’t have a shirt on but did have a dog in his lap. And the police were after him for assault with a deadly weapon. 

How fast was the police chase?

They gave a slow-speed chase but were careful not to overrun the golf cart nabber. That’s because it could only hit speeds under 20 mph. He eventually made a turn into a parking lot, where a gang of police began closing in on him. And even with the police surrounding him, he still made an attempt to escape. 

During the chase, if you could call it that, police made several attempts to spike strip the golf cart, though they were not successful. After the police began closing in on him, he got off the cart and began running while carrying the dog. 

How common are there police chases with golf carts in L.A.?

Police chase golf cart with two police officers in the street
Police chase golf cart | ABC7 via YouTube

Once the suspect gave up, he let go of the dog and was soon in jail. The dog didn’t receive any injuries, though there was no word on whether he also had to spend time in the clink.

Believe it or not, police chases involving golf carts are more common than you would think, at least in California. Here’s another slow-speed chase further north of the first one in the San Fernando Valley. 

How about some in Florida?

Police chase golf cart rear view
Police chase golf cart | Hunter Martin/Getty

Watch Drunk Florida Woman Take the Drive of Her Life While Trashing a Golf Course in Wild Police Chase

And in northern California, a golf cart chase where both the suspect and two Fairfield Police officers were in separate carts. The suspect was trying to rob a house before fleeing onto a golf course. He soon found himself in county jail.

Not to let Florida off the hook, there was a similar suspect/police chase involving golf carts and a police helicopter back in 2019 in Martin County. Two golfers were robbed at gunpoint before the gunman took off in their golf cart, according to 4News JAX. A police helicopter was part of the surveillance of the thief as he drove around the course. Eventually fleeing the scene, he was caught inside a stolen car that was part of a spree of auto thefts in the area.