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Danyell Marshall

Danyell Marshall had written for and about the automotive industry for over a decade when she joined our squad in 2021. Danyell graduated with a Bachelor’s in Communication from the University of Massachusetts Amherst; fascinated with engineering and performance driving, she also spent five years as a mechanic, served as a shop manager, and has supported several rally drivers in various capacities for 15 years.

Using her technical and driving experience, layered with her tenured career in digital journalism, Danyell writes for our industry with a comprehensively tuned voice. She has created content for HotCars, The Richest,, and other associated sites, all while traveling the country in a converted school bus.


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A yellow 2021 Ford Bronco SUV under a blue sky

Bronco Buyers Frustrated: Orders Now Pushed Back Another Year to 2023

Ford Bronco buyers are frustrated after another delay was announced. The SUVs are waiting on hard-top rooves from an external manufacturer. There are some rumors online stirring up misplaced frustrations, making a bad situation worse. Buyers aren’t powerless. There are some things they can do to get more information, estimate their build date or even …
A white Ford F-350 pickup truck on the the way out of the Kentucky plant

Class-action Lawsuit Says These Ford F-350s Have a Major Label Problem

A class-action lawsuit alleges that Ford sold F-350s incapable of handling the workloads they advertised. This means the trucks weren’t as valuable as buyers believed them to be. A recall was announced to address the issue, but many owners were left unsatisfied with Ford’s solution. Plantiffs hope the lawsuit will address issues that the recall …