A silver 2001 Volkswagen Beetle RSI in front of a red-brick building
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The Volkswagen Beetle RSI: An $80,000 Golf R32 Preview

The Golf name has adorned quite a few high-performance Volkswagens. And before the R, the fastest Golf was the all-wheel-drive R32. But before the hot hatch received its powertrain, another VW product tested it out first. Which led to one of the rarest, fastest, and priciest Volkswagen Beetles ever: the Beetle RSI. Volkswagen Beetle RSI …

A white classic Volkswagen Beetle convertible converted to electric power
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Volkswagen May Bring the Beetle Back as an Electric Car

While the ID Buzz, aka the electric Microbus, isn’t quite production-ready, it may not be the only iconic vehicle Volkswagen’s rebooting into an EV. 2019 saw the release of the final Volkswagen Beetle. Despite its styling and long history, consumer interest lagged, and VW discontinued it. But now, there’s rumors of a new Volkswagen Beetle—an …

2019 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible
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Is It Hard to Find the Final Edition of the Volkswagen Beetle?

It’s fairly common for automakers to kill off low-selling cars in their lineups, even those with the most popular nameplates. One car discontinuation that still hurts though is Volkswagen’s decision to sunset production on the beloved Volkswagen Beetle. We are still hoping that VW will revive this lovely coupe but for now, our only choice …

A brand new convertible Volkswagen Beetle is displayed on the sales lot at Serramonte Volkswagen
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The 2015 Volkswagen Beetle is Fun But Flawed

The iconic Volkswagen Beetle is such a pleasant ride that many enthusiasts think that you should own one, at least once. Throughout its long history, this classic coupe made a name for itself for being both sporty and fun. But unfortunately, VW  officially stopped producing the Beetle in 2019 so the only option we have …

2019 Volkswagen Beetle
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Why Did Volkswagen Stop Making The Beetle?

Out of all the iconic cars that have been in the automotive market, the Volkswagen Beetle was one of the most recognized and popular nameplates. And while Volkswagen had great success with its rounded compact coupe for over eight decades, making it a household name and even a beacon of the counter-culture, it’s still rather …

Mitsubishi Eclipse
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The 1 Car That Definitely Got Worse With Age

Overall, vehicles have gotten better over time. Sure, they’ve also gotten larger and heavier. But in terms of technology and safety, new cars trump classic ones. However, not every vehicle improved over the years. In chasing refinement, some risk losing their way, and their reputations along the way. And there’s one car, in particular, that …

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Electric Volkswagen Beetle Conversion Gets Official Approval

In an industry first, Volkswagen will convert your original Beetle to an electric drivetrain. It is partnering with eClassics in Germany to turn your car into an electric Volkswagen Beetle. eClassics’ first conversion is shown here, a 1973 Super Beetle ‘vert, and we have to say, it looks good. All VW-Made Components The cool part …