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Volkswagen discontinued the Beetle back in 2019, which is a shame because it is an icon from automotive history and arguably one of the most recognizable vehicles of all time. There is hope that it will someday make a return, but that doesn’t seem to be a priority for Volkswagen at the moment.

However, even though the Beetle was very reliable overall, it had its share of problems, and many revolved around faulty windows and windshield wipers. For used VW Beetle owners, here’s a look at the most common issues regarding the model’s windows and wipers.

These Volkswagen Beetles have the most reported window problems

Windows generally don’t require as much maintenance as other parts of a vehicle, such as the transmission or engine, but it can disrupt your drive if you have issues. The price for auto parts also isn’t as high, but if you ignore windshield problems, you can end up paying more than you might expect to have it replaced. In the case of the Volkswagen Beetle, a few notable windshield problems frustrate owners.

CarComplaints reports that the 2004, 2005, and 2009 model years of the VW Beelte have the worst windows and windshield problems. On average, it costs owners around $600 to repair these problems, and most seem to be occurring around 50,000 miles. For the most part, no other model years had more than a handful of registered complaints.

Here are the top 3 Beetle window and wiper issues

The biggest complaint about the 2009 Volkswagen Beetle was the power windows not working correctly, according to CarComplaints. It costs, on average, $760 to fix and occurs around 64,950 miles. To fix this, owners reported they had to have the windows replaced. Another replaced the actuator, while another never found a solution.

The second-biggest issue plaguing the VW Beetle’s windows is a faulty window actuator. CarComplaints had no repair cost data but stated that the problem happened around 5,750 miles. One owner wrote a review saying the window began rolling down before they even cranked it up. It took them four or five tries to get it back up, and both Volkswagen and the local dealer they took it to were not helpful.

The third most reported problem was on the 2004 Beetle and has to do with the window actuators not working. This is the auto part responsible for the window rolling up and down. CarComplaints reports it costs around $500 to fix and happens around 81,350 miles. Owners who had this issue said they had to replace all window regulators or motors.

What is the worst VW Beetle of all time?

The top three general Volkswagen Beetle problems listed on CarComplaints are transmission failure, engine failure, and the transmission slipping and going into “limp mode.” The transmission failure costs an average of $5,500 to fix and happens around 92,000 miles.

It’s also the 2004 VW Beetle that is plagued with this problem. Given that the 2004 model has so many issues, it’s clear that it’s the top Beetle to avoid if you’re looking for a used vehicle.

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