You Should Own a Volkswagen Beetle At Least Once

The Volkswagen Beetle has had a long run…81 years to be exact. Produced from 1938 to 2019 Volkswagen produced over 23 million Beetles and maintained it’s iconic styling and design. The Beetle’s long lineage and the heritage it holds are part of what makes the car so charming and hold some appeal for many owners and collectors.

Beetles have a long history, and up until Volkswagen stopped production in 2019, the car sales remained as popular as ever. The affectionately nicknamed ‘Bug’ had an iconic look that made it universally recognizable, and even after receiving updates and minor facelifts along the decades it still maintained the tell-tale Bug appearance.

Volkswagen Beetle
Volkswagen Beetle | Volkswagen AG/Getty Images

Along the many production years of the Volkswagen Beetle, there seems to be a version of the car that can fit any taste. Earlier generations featured a rear-engine design that had car enthusiasts drooling. Newer generations receive a drastic change as the motor moves up to a more standard front-engine mounted location. Not many cars can boast the availability of rear-engine and front-engine models, except the new Corvette C8. Fanatics of the Beetle can find adoration in both newer and older models, with owners not typically flustered by generational gaps due to the fact that each update doesn’t stray too far from the previous.

The owner demographic for the Beetle ranges vastly, not only between ages but also between intended use. Bug owners have been known to find almost any use for their beloved cars, from pristine maintenance to allow entry to classic car shows to heavy modification for racing on the road or even off-road rally racing. It is truly a versatile car loved by many.

Volkswagen Beetles were designed to be a car that is affordable and available to the people, and that hasn’t changed much over the previous decades. Classic and Beetles are a great choice for collectors and antique car show exhibitors. The striking design, chrome bumpers, and overall charm of the older bugs are things appreciated by almost any onlooker.

Newer Beetles are popular for their affordability, charm, and reliability. Although they are smaller two-door cars, they are surprisingly large once you sit inside. The availability of a back seat makes them more practical, and they offer enough trunk space to make them a good choice for shopping trips or grocery store runs. New Beetles maintain the beautiful bubbly Bug form of the car, holding deeply to its heritage in a way that people can truly appreciate.