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Gabrielle DeSantis

I am an exotic car enthusiast with a passion for sharing my love of cars and trying to get my dogs to stop barking at the wind. I spend most of my spare time in my garage or at the gym, but I can be spotted in the wild at many local car shows in Central Florida.


Rarest Supercars Ever Made

You can probably list tens of cars that you see on your daily commute. Common cars, such as Honda Civics, Toyota Camrys, and Nissan Altimas run the streets and you can count on your hands and feet how many you see each time you leave your house. While it probably doesn’t warrant much thought, you …

View of vehicles getting maintenance at a mechanic shop
Tips, Tricks & Trends

Common Car Myths Debunked

From the time we are young and learning to drive our first cars, we hear tips, tricks and ‘hacks’ on everything from saving gas to maintenance. Some of the information we get is useful and really makes a difference in our driving experience or the way our cars perform, but some are just total myths. …

Chevy Sonic

The 2020 Chevy Sonic is a Surprisingly Good Buy

The car you pick for your daily commute doesn’t have to be a high-end, expensive luxury car just to be enjoyable. In fact, starting at a very modest price of $16,720 is the simple and practical Chevy Sonic. Practicality This year’s Sonic offers one drivetrain option across all of the available models: a 1.4L turbocharged …

Tips, Tricks & Trends

What is Regenerative Braking?

You may have heard the phrase “regenerative braking” in the context of hybrid or electric vehicles, but when it is explained the concept seems overly simplified. In a traditional car, the braking system uses drum brakes or disk brakes with brake pads to slow the car. The mechanisms are simple but wear easily and need …


The Worst Car I’ve Ever Owned

Some cars always stick out in your mind: your favorite car, your dream car, your first car, but for me, it’s the worst car that we ever owned. Don’t get me wrong, I loved this car with my whole heart, but man did it do me dirty. The BMW 328i is notoriously riddled with problems …


Can You Daily Drive a Dodge Viper?

Sometimes the worst part of running a mundane errand revolves around the time you spend getting to wherever it is you need to go. Sitting in traffic, stop light after stop light or making your way down the highway can be a total drag on your day. Whether you drive 10 minutes a day or …


Worst Problems With the BMW 328i

The BMW 3 Series are an affordable entry-level (but not the bottom of the barrel) car to introduce drivers to the BMW brand or to keep current BMW owners happy. The 328i is a popular model produced over several generations, and many owners seem to really love them. You may expect the cost of maintaining …


This ‘Widow Maker’ Car Might Actually Kill You

It’s American Muscle. It’s a well-beloved Dodge supercar. It’s got a reputation for being a ‘widow maker’. The Dodge Viper might actually kill you. The Dodge Viper Weighed down by a monstrous 8.0L to 8.4L V10 motor, this loved American-made supercar provides a terrifying amount of power. The SRT V10 motor, also found in some …


5 Convertibles of 2020 You Can Afford

To many, there are few joys as invigorating and relaxing as driving with the top down on a beautiful day or night. Convertibles are a well-loved choice for regular drivers and car enthusiasts alike. While we try to grasp the same experience by rolling the windows down and cranking back the sunroof, there really isn’t …


The Forgotten Volkswagen Karmann Ghia

Volkswagen is well known for its classic and new age Beetles, Jettas and Buses, but there is one VW car that seems to have been forgotten by many: the Volkswagen Karmann Ghia. If you were alive in the 60s and 70s, a light may have just gone off in your head. You’re probably thinking “I …

Tips, Tricks & Trends

What Happens When You Crash a BMW?

Sitting in traffic or zooming down the highway, sometimes the unfortunate happens: a dreaded car crash. Many new cars, such as BMW and Audi, reflect on mechanical issues of the past to create systems that ensure the driver and passengers’ safety, as well as ensure the vehicle is as uncompromised as possible. Fuel Shutoff Gasoline …


Alfa Romeo 4C Versus Lotus Elise

Lightweight, exotic, and rare. These are characteristics that describe two strikingly similar, yet very different cars. The Alfa Romeo 4C and Lotus Elise have long been accepted as direct competitors for one another, after all, these cars have little in common with almost any other car on the street. But how similar is the 4C …


Can you Daily Drive a Lotus Elise

When it comes to driving an exotic car, you might think of weekend outings or driving down the coast somewhere. Very rarely do people consider an exotic car when it comes to their daily vehicle of choice. That’s not always the case for drivers who have a need for speed or just like to make …