Waiting for the Lotus Emira? Buy a Lotus Evora Instead

The Lotus Emira is the first new model we’ve seen from Lotus in quite some time, but it isn’t the first time we’ve seen the Emira’s drivetrain. In fact, the Emira shares quite a bit with the Lotus Evora, which was still in production until this year. That means you can buy a new modern Evora, even from some dealerships still, without having to wait for the production and delivery that you’d expect from ordering a new Lotus Emira.

You can order a Lotus Emira now, but it won’t be ready until late 2022

Lotus Evora 400
Lotus Evora 400 | Raymond Boyd, Getty Images

While you can currently enjoy the opportunity and excitement of placing an order for a new Lotus Emira from the factory, you will be left waiting quite some time before you can take delivery. Production and delivery of the vehicle will take nearly a year, meaning you won’t be getting your new Emira until late 2022 or potentially even later if there are any delays. But, you can find many Lotus Evora being privately sold and even still sold at some dealerships and not have to wait an entire year to enjoy your new Lotus.

The Lotus Emira shares an engine with the Lotus Evora

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Lotus recently released official pricing and specs for the 2022 Lotus Emira, and not so shockingly, it shares a drivetrain with the Lotus Evora. In fact, it’s the same exact engine: a Toyota 2GR-FE. Depending on the model year and trim level of the Evora, you can also get it with the same Edelbrock supercharger and power output. Both are offered with the option for a six-speed manual transmission and similar power outputs around 400 hp. That makes the biggest difference between the two stylings, and the Lotus Evora is far from an outdated or poorly designed car.

The Lotus Evora is a great car that you can have now, and you can always sell it later

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Lotus cars in the USA are relatively uncommon, and because of that, they have a higher price plateau for depreciation. Owners and enthusiasts know that most Lotus models are still selling for high prices because they can remain reliable for many years and at high mileage with the help of their Toyota drivetrains. While it is currently a seller’s market for cars, you can buy a Lotus Evora and enjoy it for a year, or even several, and sell it privately or trade it in for a Lotus Emira when they become more available without having to worry about heavy depreciation.

Of course, there are some benefits to waiting for the new Lotus Emira. When it comes to the option of being able to select everything about your car, from paint colors to options, so that it’s specially tailored to your liking, it does feel pretty cool. Besides that, the new Emira stands out from the crowd and even from the more modern Lotus models as a new era of exotic cars for the brand.

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