Edmunds Reports This Sedan “Shattered the Mold of What an EV Could Be”

The Tesla Model S has been a fan favorite among electric car enthusiasts — heck, it’s made a few people become electric car enthusiasts. In recent years that haven’t been any major changes, but then again, why mess with perfection? Of course, some updates to the interior and minor tweaks have made the Model S better than ever. If you’re looking for a vehicle that offers luxury, technology, performance, and modern styling, you’ll find it in the Model S without compromise.

The 2022 Tesla Model S hits the mark yet again

Tesla Model S
Tesla Model S | Christian Marquardt, Getty Images

According to Edmunds, the Tesla Model S is the longest-running production vehicle for the relatively new electric vehicle company — if you don’t take into account the Roadster, which has been on and off the production line for some time. Not much has changed appearance-wise for the Model S, at least from the outside, and that includes no changes to issues some owners have complained about. Many updates were made to the car in 2021, so we aren’t expecting a total refresh for the 2022 model year, but as Edmunds has said:

“[The Tesla Model S] shattered the mold of what an EV could be, and it continues to be the preeminent luxury EV sedan on sale today”

Edmunds Experts

New updates for the 2021 and 2022 Tesla Model S


Edmunds has yet to rate the 2022 Tesla Model S, but there are only a few changes between this and the current model year, if any, that we are expected. Major changes to the 2021 model year gave the car yet another leg-up over the competition, making it the ultimate high-tech luxury sedan on the market today. Upgrades to the 2021 model year that will carry through to the 2022 Tesla Model S include:

  • High-performance Tesla Model S Plaid option
  • Touch screen is re-oriented into a horizontal position
  • Updated driver information display
  • Updated rear-passenger entertainment display
  • The controversial steering yolk remains

The most exciting aspect of the 2022 Tesla Model S is the continuation of the Plaid trim level, offering astonishing and competitor-crushing performance.

Electric vehicles mix high-end luxury and performance


2021 Tesla Model S Plaid Proves It’s More Than a Car

Electric vehicles are still relatively new to the consumer market, and it hasn’t been until the past decade that the dream of your average buyer owning an EV was even possible. With companies like Lucid and Tesla making exclusively electric vehicles, and many other more traditional companies adding electric options to their lineup, the competition is quickly starting to increase. Many electric cars, like the Tesla Model S, are proving it possible to mix superb luxury with impressive performance.