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While not all of its trims are out quite yet, the electric 2022 Lucid Air is gearing up for delivery. And the first models Lucid is sending out are the tricked-out limited-edition Dream Editions. So far, we’ve only been able to catch glimpses of the technology these luxury EVs offer. But recently, MotorTrend managed to snag some behind-the-wheel time with the 2022 Lucid Air Dream Edition Range. And first impressions suggest that this sedan is something special.

The 2022 Lucid Air Dream Edition Range brings more than extra miles

A white, gold, and brown 2022 Lucid Air parked next to a desert
2022 Lucid Air lineup | Lucid
Spec2022 Lucid Air Dream Edition Range
Drive typeDual-motor AWD
Power933 hp
Torque737+ lb-ft
Battery capacity113 kWh
Claimed range503 miles (projected)
0-60 mph time2.7 seconds

Originally, Lucid only released specs for a single Air Dream Edition model. Now, though, the EV company is splitting the trim into the Range and Performance models. They have the same $169,000 starting price, but different goals. The Performance model, with its 1,111 hp and a 0.2-second quicker 0-60 mph time, focuses more on speed. Meanwhile, the Air Dream Edition Range has less horsepower, but roughly 50 more miles of range, MotorTrend says.

More range, though, isn’t the only thing the 2022 Lucid Air Dream Edition Range offers. The company claims the Air regains 300 miles in 20 minutes, provided it’s hooked up to a Level 3 fast charger. And it has bi-directional charging, meaning it can power your home in case of an outage. Plus, even if you don’t have a home charger, the Dream Edition comes standard with three years of complimentary Electrify America charging.

The 2022 Lucid Air Dream Edition Range is also a luxury EV, though. It comes standard with adaptive suspension, a glass roof, Nappa leather, Alcantara, wood and metal trim, and a 21-speaker audio system. Lucid claims that it’s the first automotive system with Dolby Atmos tech. The EV also comes with Alexa Assistant, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and a 34” 5K digital display. Plus, it comes pre-installed with the necessary hardware to run Lucid’s planned Level 3 partial-autonomy suite and receive over-the-air updates.

Is the 2022 Lucid Air Dream Edition Range a threat to Tesla? MotorTrend says, “absolutely”

Previously, Lucid’s CEO claimed that Tesla wasn’t the company’s main rival. Instead, it was supposedly targeting ‘traditional’ luxury brands such as Mercedes-Benz. And as it turns out, the Lucid Air Dream Edition Range “is absolutely a threat to Tesla and other luxury carmakers,” MotorTrend reports.

On the luxury side, the Air Dream Edition Range neatly splits the difference between the Tesla Model S and the Mercedes EQS. Its interior is a noticeable step up from what Tesla offers in terms of material quality without being dominated by touchscreens. One noteworthy thing: although it has both a digital display and a center touchscreen, the Air has physical HVAC and volume controls. And on the road, the EV rides comfortably and quietly; in its more subdued driving modes, it wafts like the best luxury cars, MotorTrend says.

The front seats, dashboard, and glass roof of a 2022 Lucid Air
2022 Lucid Air front interior | Lucid

Speaking of driving modes, the Air Dream Edition Range has three, each of which alters the suspension, steering, brake-pedal feel, and power output. The middle mode, Swift, limits the EV to ‘just’ 804 hp but doesn’t require the pre-conditioning cycle the 933-hp Sprint Mode needs. However, power-wise, Swift is more than sufficient, MotorTrend reports. Not just in terms of straight-line speed, but also in terms of exploring the Air’s handling.

Before he was Lucid’s CEO/CTO, Peter Rawlinson worked for Tesla and Lotus. And while the Lucid Air Dream Edition Range doesn’t feel like a Lotus, it handles surprisingly well. MotorTrend compared it to an electric Nissan GT-R, with “quick, well-weighted steering” and plenty of grip from the AWD system. And the production version will be even better, MotorTrend says, thanks to retuned dampers, new springs, a stiffer anti-roll bar, and tweaked traction control.

Then there’s the range. As of this writing, the EPA hasn’t tested any Lucid Air trims. However, MotorTrend independently tested two Dream Edition Ranges, averaging 498.5 miles on a charge. That’s more than anything Tesla offers.

Will the cheaper trims be just as good?

Even though they start at $169K, the initial run of Lucid Air Dream Editions is already sold out. But while Dream Edition deliveries are slated for the end of 2021, the cheaper trims won’t be available until 2022. And they won’t be as fast or as powerful, nor have quite as much range.

However, the cheaper Lucid Air models are still built on the same foundation as the Dream Editions. And from the looks of things, that foundation is strong.

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