The Lucid Air Has the 2020 Tesla Model S Beat in 1 Key Area

Drivers are used to jumping in the car and driving without worrying too often about stopping for gas. The idea of switching to an electric vehicle makes some people anxious that they might be out and about and run out of battery power. Tesla and Lucid are two companies offering cars that provide big enough ranges that drivers might be able to stop worrying. One car comes out on top, though, and here’s a look at the huge range of the 2021 Lucid Air and how it compares to the Tesla Model S.

The issue of range anxiety

According to MotorTrend, transportation academics say that because people only drive their vehicles just less than 30 miles a day on average, electric vehicle range isn’t that big a deal. Despite that small distance, car buyers are still anxious about the range that electric vehicles currently have. Many electric vehicles do have a smaller range than gas-powered vehicles, which can travel 300 miles or more on one tank of gas, according to the vehicle charging company EV Connect.

The additional concerns that it takes a long time to recharge and that the recharging infrastructure is still in its infancy don’t help with people’s range anxiety. The worry is big enough that, according to MotorTrend, range anxiety ranks as “the single most important limiting factor to EV acceptance.”

The 2020 Tesla Model S with the highest range

Tesla has focused on making its buyers feel better about range. Its 2020 Model S Long Range Plus car just recently crossed the 400-mile range mark, with an EPA rating of 402 miles of driving range. It is the very first production electric vehicle to pass that benchmark, according to MotorTrend. This car is currently on top in range and acceleration as well as its semi-autonomous driving technology. The Model S Performance accelerates faster but has a slightly smaller range. However, it’s still able to travel 348 miles.

Tesla also just announced the Tesla Model S Plaid, which boasts a beefier range estimate, which appears to be a direct attempt to try to beat the Lucid Air’s range. That’s a comparison for another article.

The 2021 Lucid Air has a top range

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The Tesla Model S Long Range Plus may be at the top right now of currently on the road vehicles, but the upcoming Lucid Air may unseat it and cross the 500-mile threshold. MotorTrend recently saw a Lucid Air travel 450 miles out of a 490-mile single charge. Independent laboratory testing, which is designed to be similar to how the EPA tests electric vehicles, found that the Lucid Air has a range of 517 miles. Even the least expensive trim, which is estimated to have a smaller 92-kWh battery, will probably have a range of more than 400 miles.

While both the Lucid Air and the Tesla Model S Long Range Plus are high-performance sedans made in the U.S., the Lucid Air has a few other areas in addition to range where it beats the Tesla Model S. The Lucid Air has a low drag coefficient, which helps to improve its range. It’s also able to arrange its drivetrain components in a way to maximize interior space. The Air is expected to charge faster than the Tesla too. According to Lucid, the Air can charge 300 miles of range in only 20 minutes.

The new Lucid Air is expected to be available early in 2021, with some trims not appearing until later in the year. The least expensive trim won’t appear until 2022, according to Electrek.

While the 2021 Lucid Air is super impressive and looks like it’s going to beat the range of the 2020 Tesla Model S Long Range Plus by a lot, that isn’t the end of the competition. More new vehicles are expected that will push range capabilities even further. The Rivian SUV and truck are expected to have more than 400 miles of range. Tesla’s Cybertruck is expected to have more than 500 miles of range, and the Tesla Roadster is expected to have 620 miles of range.