Confirmed: First 500+ Mile EV Lucid Air Beats Tesla By Plenty

Lucid Motors, the California startup electric vehicle manufacturer that plans to go head-to-head against Tesla just scored a knockout punch. As verified by independent testing the Lucid Air luxury sedan has an estimated range of 517 miles. The Tesla Model S Long Range Plus sedan is certified by the EPA with a range of 400 miles. With over 100 extra mile range differences the Lucid Air beats Tesla by plenty.

But the downside is the price difference. While the Tesla Model S sedan starts at $75,000, the Air will be “well north of $100,000,” says Lucid CEO Peter Rawlinson. He told Automotive News that there will be less-expensive models to follow. The Air will start delivering in 2021 with a crossover to be added in 2023. Rawlinson is the former chief engineer for the Tesla Model S. 

Lucid says even its base Air will have a range of 400 miles

There has been plenty of press about the Lucid Air over the past few years. It is gunning for Tesla and the metric most buyers look at first is the range. It is one of many advantages Tesla has over the competition. Lucid says even its base Air will have a range of 400 miles. So the advantage over Tesla’s Model S is significant. 

The Air will feature two motors; one in the front and one in back. Each is capable of 600 hp but together achieve 1,000 hp. The electric motors are helped by the 0.21 coefficient of drag Lucid claims for the Air. Part of Lucid’s approach is to make their own components as opposed to most other EV makers that use existing outside parts. So all of the Air’s components have been miniaturized. It helps to create a vehicle that is large inside but small outside. 

The battery is shaped to conform to the Air’s underfloor. Lucid says all of this combines for efficiency just at four miles per kWh. That’s very efficient, almost unnaturally so. Of course, this car has been in development for over five years. Isn’t it about time to spring forth unto the world?

The Air will accelerate from zero to 60 in less than 2.5 seconds


Lucid Motors and Tesla Motors: What is The Difference?

Lucid says the Air will accelerate from zero to 60 in less than 2.5 seconds. The top speed is claimed to be over 200 mph. The low center of gravity and air suspension supposedly help to make it a handler on the track. Testing made public seems to verify that claim.

Rivaling Tesla the interior reveals a tasty design with high-grade materials and lots of technology. The rear seat can be ordered with Executive Rear Seating. This adds various reclining functions to the spacious interior. Looking up you’ll be able to see the night sky with a full glass top. An artificial assistant over time will become familiar with your listening preferences. 

In just one month the production version of the Air will make its debut. Deliveries have been pushed off to the first part of 2021.