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Tesla Superchargers are integral in the future of EVs in America. This means a strong charging network of Superchargers that supply power to EVs using the NACS plug. Unfortunately, a hiccup just occurred that will impact the growth of the Tesla Supercharging network. Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently fired the entire charging team, which could be a serious problem.

Tesla will complete the Superchargers currently under construction

Elon Musk sent an email explaining that Superchargers currently under construction will be completed as planned. Unfortunately, this doesn’t extend to planned charging stations that have yet to begin construction.

New York City Traffic, one of the most populated and congested cities in the world
New York City Traffic | iStock Images/deberarr

How does this impact New York?

New York City is one of the busiest cities in the world, with more cabs and Uber drivers than most other municipalities. Many Uber drivers use Tesla vehicles due to a recent incentive offered to help the city electrify the ride-sharing fleet. More EVs mean a greater need for charging stations.

To address this need, Tesla had agreed to build four new Supercharger stations in New York, located in Maspeth, South Bronx, Queens, and Gateway Center, Brooklyn. Queens would have received two Tesla Superchargers while the other locations each got one.

Unfortunately, Tesla backed out of these contracts to build new Superchargers around New York City, which means the backup of charging access won’t be relieved anytime soon.

Were these New York Tesla Supercharger locations under construction?

Technically, Tesla hasn’t begun its part of the operation at these four New York locations. Still, the city made three of the four sites power-ready. This work prepared the sites for the Tesla Superchargers that would sit on the site.

This slowdown could be a serious problem

Tesla built a record number of Superchargers last quarter and now has 57,579 Superchargers at 6,249 locations around the world, according to Electrek.

The firing of the entire charging team seems rash and questionable at best. The Tesla Supercharging network is the company’s strength. This is especially true with other automakers adopting the NACS port to utilize Tesla’s charging network for their vehicles.

Is there a silver lining for New York?

If Tesla won’t build the four Superchargers required to relieve some of the charging backlogs in New York, maybe another charging company will. Revel operates a fleet of electric taxis in New York and shows interest in the sites. These sites are ideal for their location and capacity, which could make them ideal for Revel’s fleet.

These sites are ideal for the Revel electric taxi fleet and address the charging needs of Uber drivers using Tesla EVs. The Revel fast charging sites are 100% public, making them perfect for electric vehicles to charge up and keep on driving around New York City.


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