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For many tech-savvy job hunters, a career at Tesla sounds almost too good to be true. Well, as of late, it might just be. The marque’s eccentric CEO, Elon Musk, is presiding over yet another round of layoffs. That, and the company just eliminated the vast majority of its existing job listings.

A job at Tesla might be rarer than a Chevrolet Corvette driver without a set of New Balances

As of Q4 2023, Tesla employed around 140,000 people in everything from production to design to engineering. As you might imagine, a brand that far-reaching is nearly constantly hiring. At least, when things are going well. Unfortunately, though, a quick search of the Tesla Careers site will reveal just three open manufacturing positions: one in Nevada, one in Texas, and one in California.

According to Gizmodo, the positions entail a seven-week training program that promises the “opportunity to transition into a full-time Production Associate.” Regardless of the nature of the positions, it’s a shocking departure from the company’s volume of available jobs just two weeks ago. Those three jobs are the only remnants of the more than 3,400 North American Tesla job listings open as recently as May 1st. 

A new white Tesla Model 3 shows off its front-end styling.
A new Model 3 | Tesla

However, this isn’t the first time the EV giant has dumped all its open job listings. In April, the brand removed nearly all of its job listings after thousands of employee layoffs. However, the barren job board didn’t last long, as Tesla reposted many job listings in a matter of days. 

Still, the last few months have proved a difficult time for Musk’s electric vehicle marque. Cuts have accounted for over 14,000 layoffs, around 10% of the brand’s workforce. Most recently, the loss of personnel has included the entire Supercharger Network team, around 500 employees.