A NASCAR Official inspects a carburetor
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Is Naturally Aspirated A Bad Thing During the Pandemic?

In a recent COVID-19 conversation between two auto enthusiasts about the shortage of respirators, a question came up. The answer to the question was shockingly, and comically automotive based, and somewhat cerebral at times in its depth. The question was, what does a respirator do? The simple answer is that it is a device made …

Roush Phase 2 Mustang supercharger
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What Is the Difference Between A Turbo and Supercharger?

The most common way manufacturers create big horsepower numbers for their vehicles is to turbocharge or supercharge the engine. This is also true for the racing community. However, what is the difference between the two? How is a turbo different from a supercharger? Turbochargers Turbos capture the hot exhaust leaving the engine and then force-feed it back into …