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The more a car costs, the more important technology is in luring potential buyers. So when you’re competing with a high-priced brand like Tesla, you have to make sure you’re offering your customers top-of-the-line technology, and that is what Lucid is doing. The new automaker is set to release its first electric vehicle (EV) – the Lucid Air – and some of the features are going to be a technology geek’s dream come true.

What is Lucid?

You may not be familiar with Lucid Motors because the California-based company has yet to release its first production vehicles to the public. The company’s website boasts that Lucid is “creating a future where doing great things goes hand-in-hand with doing the right thing” by manufacturing sustainable vehicles that don’t compromise on features or performance.

Lucid says that its first model will be “the most efficient EV ever made,” with materials coming from some of the world’s most responsible suppliers, and the company’s vehicles will have the potential for recyclability. Lucid’s first factory is located in Arizona and is the first facility in North America built specifically to manufacture EVs.

Lucid’s first model, the Lucid Air

The first model that Lucid plans to release to the public is the Lucid Air, which the company claims will be the world’s “quickest, longest range, fastest charging luxury electric car, power maxing out at 1,080 hp. The Air’s stated range is over 500 miles on a charge, and you can charge it up to a 300-mile range in just 20 minutes, thanks to its ultrafast 900V+ charging system. 

The Air, which the company says has “an elegantly efficient design,” can go 0-60 mph in 2.5 seconds. All that will cost you, though. If you want the base model, the Air Pure, it’ll cost you just under $70,000. And if you want to go with the highest-end Air Dream Edition, you’re going to have to pay more than $161,000 – and those prices include a $7,500 EV tax credit from the U.S. government, so you’ll be paying even more if you don’t qualify for the credit.

The Lucid Air’s interior technology features

Some of the Lucid Air’s top selling points will be the technology offered in the car’s interior, which MotorTrend tells us about. Lucid’s infotainment system, the Lucid UX, has two screens. The primary display checks in at 34 inches, with the curved screen located in front of the driver.

The large screen is divided into three distinct sections. The leftmost section has essential functions, including controlling the exterior lights and central locking. In the middle section is where you’ll find important information about the car, including speed, range, and the odometer. To the right is the home screen, as it is, where the driver can choose from a menu of options that includes navigation and media information, among other functions.

Lower on the dash sits the second tablet-like display that Lucid calls the “Pilot Panel.” That’s how you can control the vehicle’s HVAC system, seat positioning, drive modes, and other key functions for the car. That secondary panel is motorized and can go up into the dash when not being used, which reveals a storage area in the center console. The steering wheel has physical controls as a backup in case the touchscreens have issues, and the whole thing has Alexa integration to make the functions voice-controllable.

With the technology you’ll find inside and the design of the whole package, you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking the Lucid Aid isn’t of this world.


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