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A speedboat parked in Lake Powell within the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

The Arc One Is the Speedboat That All Marine Enthusiasts Really Need

Hopping on a boat is many people's favorite way to pass the summer. Whether it's a man-powered vessel such as a kayak or an engine-powered craft, there's a boat for nearly everyone. One popular type of boat these days is the EV. A new EV on the market, the Arc One, has gotten people talking.

Hopping on a boat is many people’s favorite way to pass summer days. Whether it’s a man-powered vessel such as a kayak or an engine-powered craft, there’s a marine vehicle for nearly everyone. One increasingly popular type of boat these days is the EV. A new EV on the boat market, the Arc One, has gotten many people talking. 

The wide world of boats

A speedboat parked in Lake Powell within the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area
A speedboat parked in Lake Powell within Glen Canyon | Universal Images Group Editorial via Getty Images

There’s nearly no limit to the type of boats available to consumers, from the simplest to the most expensive. Those aiming for a back-to-nature experience often go for basic vessels, such as canoes and kayaks. Elsewhere, boaters wanting fun in the sun may go for jet skis or speedboats. Additionally, sailboats are also often popular with residents living near a lake or the ocean. Lastly, for those with truly no limit on their budget, yachts are increasingly popular and indicative of a certain status that few can attain. 

The Arc One adds another EV option to the marine market

One of the latest forays into the world of EVs in the marine market comes to us from Arc Boats. According to NewsBreak, the company’s new 24-ft electric speedboat, the Arc One, was designed by a team of former SpaceX engineers.

The Arc One is notable for its sleek design. Robb Reports says that it takes advantage of dual battery packs and a powerful motor to, in Arc’s words, give the consumer “unprecedented stability, range and speed.” The EV is powered by a 475-hp engine, which allows the Arc One to reach speeds up to 35 mph.

NewsBreak notes that the Arc One’s 200 kWh battery pack will allow up to five hours of fun on the water. According to Robb Reports, groups of up to 10 can enjoy boating on the Arc One, which also features 60 cubic feet of storage space. 

Input Magazine also makes a note of the Arc One’s impressive quietness. They write, “Thanks to its aluminum body and ‘whisper quiet’ electric motor, the boat will offer fast acceleration times while eliminating noise, so you won’t have to yell to hear your fellow passengers as you whisk through the water. That would certainly be nice, boats can be quite loud after all.” Input also notes another advantage of the Arc One’s low noise levels: less noise pollution means less harm to wildlife inhabiting the water below. 

The Arc One certainly isn’t a boat for the masses. It comes with a hefty price tag of $300,000. While not on the market yet, if you’re one of the lucky few with the dough to spare, you can reserve your very own vessel with a $1,000 down payment. 

EVs have hit the waterways

Perhaps surprisingly, just like cars, boats are even available as EVs these days. The Austrian company Silent-Yachts, for example, produces solar-powered luxury yachts. Silent-Yachts currently has three models available: the Silent 55, Silent 60, and Silent 80. While all of them run on solar power, they do have diesel generators in case of emergency. 

Silent-Yachts is also developing a new catamaran to be powered by Volkswagen EV technology. The boat will use VW’s MEB platform, which the company is using for its ID. lineup and made available to third-party developers in 2019.  

Another electric model grabbing the boating world’s attention these days is the Sarvo 37, produced by Danish company Sarvo Marine. The Sarvo 37 is known for its speed. It comes with 1,280 all-electric horsepower and can hit speeds up to 70 knots (or 80 mph). At 10-20 knots, this beautiful boat can travel up to 100 nautical miles under normal conditions. 


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