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Despite being worth millions of dollars, Chris Pratt’s car collection is very plain compared to other celebrities. He’s got a pickup truck and a handful of luxury cars, though probably more than the average driver. Still, you won’t find any rare Ferraris or million-dollar vehicles in his garage. However, you might find a certain Volkswagen Beetle.

As the most recognizable vehicle in his possession, this still won’t turn many heads. After all, it’s just a 1965 VW Beetle. What’s more remarkable is that it was Pratt’s first car: and he won it during a card game.

The history of the Volkswagen Beetle

An original production Volkswagen Beetle Type 1 model from 75 years ago in Wolfsburg
Volkswagen Beetle Type 1 | Volkswagen of America, Inc. Newspress Limited

According to Forbes, the Volkswagen Beetle was always meant to be an economical vehicle everyone could afford. Back then, it was known as the Volkswagen Type 1. Ferdinand Porsche was commissioned to build the car in 1938, though all production was paused during WWII. Despite that, one million units were sold within almost two decades.

The VW Type 1 got its “Beetle” nickname in 1968, and one of them got a starring role as Herbie the Love Bug. A Super Beetle with a new front suspension was released in 1971. However, the Beetle wouldn’t have its first major update until 1998.

These models had new 115-hp engines and an updated interior. Unfortunately, sales started declining in 2013, and the VW Beetle was ultimately discontinued in 2018. Even so, it holds a legacy of being one of the best-selling cars in the world, and VW’s CEO even teased the Beetle possibly returning as an EV.

How Chris Pratt got his VW Beetle

Before he acquired his Volkswagen Beetle, this upcoming actor probably wasn’t in the best place to own a vehicle at all. In the late 90s, Looper says that Pratt made his living by selling coupons instead of pursuing community college. This line of work eventually led him to Hawaii, where he got another job as a Bubba Gump Shrimp Company waiter.

During this time, Pratt was homeless and living in his van. However, he would get a lucky break when he met actor Rae Dawn Chong at the restaurant. She was looking for a fresh actor to star in her film and decided to take a chance on Pratt. After scoring his first movie credit, he quickly got more roles in other movies and television shows.

During the infancy of his acting career, Avtotachki reports that Pratt won a VW Beetle during a blackjack game. It was reportedly a junker when it fell into Pratt’s possession. However, according to CheatSheet, Pratt has spent twelve years restoring and touching up the car by hand. The only help that he received came from various YouTube tutorials. It’s now a gorgeous car that any Beetle enthusiast would be proud to own, particularly with its deep yellow tint.

What other cars does Chris Pratt own?

What else is in Chris Pratt’s collection beyond the Volkswagen Beetle? According to Motorious, Pratt also owns a first-gen Ford F-150 Raptor. These models are more powerful versions of the original truck, with two powerful V8 engines available. The standard offering puts out 320 horsepower, while the optional V8 produces 411 hp.

Pratt’s Volvo XC60 may have a luxury designation, but it’s another car that doesn’t garner much attention. Still, it has a nice cargo area, and the FWD models get great mileage. Pratt also owns a Tesla Model 3, which is arguably one of the plainest EV models you can buy.

Pratt got a little adventurous with the Toyota FJ Cruiser, reportedly an excellent off-roading machine. However, since thieves broke its window a few years ago, it’s unknown if Pratt still owns the vehicle.

It’s clear that Chris Pratt prefers practical, down-to-earth vehicles that reflect his humble roots. While the VW Bug later garnered a huge hippie following, Pratt probably appreciates its initial selling point (“Think Small”) much more.


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