2001 BMW M Coupe

The BMW M Coupe Is a Surprisingly Popular Oddball

Today, BMW’s M vehicles form an extensive lineup of high-performance, highly-desirable cars. Some may argue too extensive. But not every BMW sports car, or M car, has enjoyed such popularity. One such example is the BMW M Coupe, aka the Z3 M Coupe, which is often referred to as the ‘clown shoe.’ Now, however, the …

Crossover & Midsize

2020 BMW X1 Promises Affordable Luxury

The 2020 BMW X1 is a small crossover but both effortlessly playful and uncompromisingly practical. It’s powered by a turbocharged four-cylinder engine that revs eagerly and smoothly with good fuel-economy ratings and plenty of power. The cabin is spacious for such a small crossover; four adults will ride in comfort, with room to spare for …

BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe
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BMW Dealers Rejecting Brand’s Flagship

BMW dealers don’t want any of the brand’s flagship cars on their lots. In an unbelievable set of circumstances, dealers are rejecting the brand’s 8 Series sedans, coupes, and convertibles. The cars remain on dealers’ lots for too long adding a huge expense for each month they hang around. Dealers complain that BMW has not …

2020 Honda Civic Si Coupe

What’s the Difference Between a Sedan and a Coupe?

Truck and SUV sales haven’t completely killed off sedans, and that’s partially because lately, sedans have been getting more stylish. The latest Hyundai Elantra and Sonata, for instance, have all manner of creases, folds, and edges. However, just like Mercedes didn’t call its minivan as such, some automakers don’t call their sedans by that name. …

Classic motorcycles in the Netherlands
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Can You Ride a Classic Motorcycle Daily?

It’s not just classic trucks and SUVs that are gaining popularity. Classic motorcycles are also on the rise, especially café racers, scramblers, and bobbers. And classic bikes like the humble Vespa scooter can sometimes venture far outside their comfort zone. But does that mean you could, or should, use a classic motorcycle as a daily …


Worst Problems With the BMW 328i

The BMW 3 Series are an affordable entry-level (but not the bottom of the barrel) car to introduce drivers to the BMW brand or to keep current BMW owners happy. The 328i is a popular model produced over several generations, and many owners seem to really love them. You may expect the cost of maintaining …

A blue 1997 BMW M Roadster is displayed at the BMW Museum in Munich, Germany.

The Z3 M Roadster Was the Last Analog BMW Sports Car

The original Z3 debuted in 1995 as a ’96 model and sported gorgeous lines reminiscent of BMW’s 507 roadster, a retro-inspired interior, and an anemic 1.9-liter four-cylinder engine that didn’t do the athletic chassis justice. Despite its disappointingly weak engine, the BMW Z3 was a wildly-successful two-seater that essentially created the premium roadster category back …

BMW X4 luxury crossover SUV on display at Brussels Expo
Trucks & SUVs

How Many SUV Models Does BMW Make?

BMW was one of the first luxury carmakers to embrace the SUV. The BMW X5 was the first, and a long line of performance SUVs followed. All models in the BMW X line are built with a sports car in mind, from the aerodynamics to the near-50/50 weight distribution. BMW now refers to these vehicles as …

BMW 7-Series 745e plug-in hybrid luxury limousine interior
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BMW’s Reason to Not Offer Android Auto Until Now is Surprisingly Shallow

BMW makes luxury vehicles that are equipped with some of the most advanced tech available. Enormous touchscreens, standard driver-assistance safety features, and even an optional semi-autonomous driving mode are some of the goodies you’ll find on these cars. And even though these vehicles have had Apple CarPlay compatibility for some time, they don’t have Android …

2020 Ducati Multistrada 1260 S Grand Tour
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Fastest Touring Motorcycles by 0-60 Time

Motorcycles are ridden every from dirt trails to paved roads. For the latter, standards and cruisers tend to be popular choices. Cruisers in particular offer an attractive combination of relaxed riding with casual speed. Quite a few cruisers can actually out-accelerate some high-end sports cars. However, over long stretches of road, touring bikes are the …