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The rumor mill is spinning wildly with mention of a USA-bound G99 BMW M5 Touring, the wagon version of the brand’s tenured super sedan. It’s welcome news for M car fanatics with their eyes set on a spacious wagon. However, the rumors of an upcoming BMW M5 Touring may have run away from the truth. 

The BMW M5 Touring might be headed to American streets. But you shouldn’t get excited just yet

The popular rumor is getting its fuel from a comment made by the BMW head of design, Domagoj Dukec. Dukec remarked that the next-generation BMW M5 will hit showrooms in North America as both a supercar-killing sedan and a wagon, per The Car Guide

That’s some spectacular scuttlebutt for the Bavarian marque’s faithful looking to rival the Mercedes-AMG E 63 S Wagon or the 621-horsepower Audi RS 6 Avant. Can you just picture it? A G99-generation BMW M5 Touring. The reverse mullet of European luxury liftbacks. Trim luxury sedan up front, practical hatch in the back. 

The new BMW M5 Wagon sits under wraps.
G99 BMW M5 Touring under a cover | BMW

However, the Dukec, likely realizing he had stoked the fires of the rumor machine, retracted that claim. Instead, the German marque says the M5 Touring’s production is confirmed. But the M5 Touring model’s intended markets will be confirmed at a later date. So, while the G99 is a certainty, its presence on American roads might be a stretch.

Well, at least we know that the M5 will return to the American market. The next-gen model will borrow architecture from the XM, namely its 735-horsepower plug-in hybrid system. Better yet, the internal combustion side of the equation will likely feature eight cylinders yet again.

Still, we’d love to see the long-roof luxury performer hit American streets. After all, the M5 Touring would be another installation in the M family; you can never get too many M cars.