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Former California Governor and movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger caused a four-car accident when he ran a red light and drove his GMC Yukon over a Prius. Even though witnesses say he immediately hopped out and volunteered to help the victims, one woman is suing him for “permanent disability” caused by…a concussion. So who’s at fault here?

In early 2022, the “Gubernator” took his GM SUV for a drive along Sunset boulevard near his Los Angeles home. According to the Los Angeles Police Departments’ report, Schwarzenegger “continued through a ‘red arrow’ signal to turn left.” So he didn’t full on run a red light at an intersection, and the lane may have even looked clear to him. But unfortunately, Toyota Prius driver Cheryl Augustine chose that moment to pull a U-turn. This maneuver put her directly in front of Schwarzenegger’s SUV.

The Denali then “rolled up onto the top of the Prius and continued to roll, ending up hitting a Porsche Cayenne and another vehicle that were waiting for a red light to change as well.” Schwarzenegger was actually able to climb out of the SUV, which was still monster-trucked up on top of the Prius, and offer the other drivers assistance.

There are obviously optics issues with California’s famously emissions-conscious governor crushing a Prius with his SUV. But with a looming lawsuit, Schwarzenegger has other problems.

Movie star arnold schwarzenegger gives a thumbs up, standing next to his yellow Hummer H1
Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Hummer H1 | Kevin Winter/ImageDirect via GettyImages

Was Augustine’s maneuver legal? I had a California driver’s license for a while and I can tell you U-Turns are legal in residential areas there, if no cars are in the way and the driver has clear visibility. So if Augustine began the U-turn before Schwarzenegger ran the red, she may be in the clear. But his running a red turn arrow is illegal no matter the circumstances.

So does he owe her money because he broke the law? Not necessarily, the state has set penalties for what he did but there’s no law that he has to give cash to everyone he hurt. But life is a bit different when everyone knows you’re worth $450 million.

Augustine is pressing charges for, “significant head trauma and a brain bleed…injuries from which she will never recover.” She claims, “great physical and nervous pain and suffering.” All of it thanks to the way Schwarzenegger “negligently, wantonly, unlawfully, wrongfully and recklessly drove.” Whether or not the lawsuit is fair, something tells me he’ll settle outside of court to make it all go away.

I will say Augustine is lucky Schwarzenegger was just driving a GMC Denali. You see, he has been a huge fan of military Humvees for a decades. It was actually his pleas to GM that inspired the automaker to launch a civilian version. Later, Schwarzenegger heard the Austrian military was retiring the exact tank he had driven when he served, so he bought that and shipped it to California to add to his arsenal.

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