White BMW 4 Series on a flat green plain.
2021 BMW 4 Series | BMW of North America LLC.

This BMW 4 Series is a great new car edition. The model is known for its performance, luxurious features, and innovative technologies. It comes as a Coupe, Grand Coupe, and Convertible. The model is also reliable, which makes it an excellent option for all walks of life. Its dynamic driving abilities make it for those who thrive on performance and adventure and want that sporty feel. The interior is spacious and luxurious with a variety of different innovative technological advancements.

While there has been a lot of controversy over the 2021 redesign of the model’s front grille, many people still enjoy the sleek, sporty look of the exterior. Those that don’t enjoy the grille feel it ruins the look of the body. The model has many standard safety features that make it a great option. For the performance, reliability, luxuriousness, and innovative technological advancements, this model is a great option for families, executives, and anyone that enjoys sporty, adventurous cars.

About BMW

  • 2022 BMW 4 Series (Starting MSRP $45,200)
  • Pro: The interior and performance are luxurious and sporty with an abundance of safety features. 
  • Con: There tend to be a few blind spots due to the design of the car and many do not like the new front grille. 
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