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While some automakers are trying to distance themselves from sedans entirely, you can still get one from BMW. The automaker currently offers seven choices, with the most affordable one priced at just $37,800 to start. Even most of the expensive BMWs are worth the investment because of their great reliability scores.

Despite sharing the same body style, all of these sedans have unique qualities to offer. Here are the top four models, courtesy of MotorTrend.

2023 BMW 4-Series

A 2023 BMW Series 4 grille and logo, one of the best BMW sedans
2023 BMW Series 4 | BMW Group

According to MotorTrend, BMW’s 4-Series sedan is the best one that the automaker has to offer. It’s currently the second-best option for luxury compact fastback sedans, with the Audi A5 slotting into first place. While the Audi A5 has a slightly lower asking price, we can see that the 4-Series sedan offers better gas mileage. 

The BMW 4-Series earns a high score thanks to all of its exciting powertrain options. The base engine is a 255-hp turbo-four paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission that reportedly has smooth performance. MotorTrend editors also praised this sedan’s braking performance and steering feedback.

However, the base Gran Coupe isn’t as exciting to drive compared to the other variants. The BMW 4-Series can also be had with either a 382-hp mild-hybrid powertrain or a 543-hp turbo inline-six. The latter is available exclusively for the M4 CSL model, which only had 1,000 units made.

Drivers may find that the 430i Gran Coupe’s interior isn’t as luxe compared to other cars in the segment. However, with 45 cu-ft of available cargo capacity, it’s one of the most useful compact cars for families.

2023 BMW 5-Series

The BMW 5-Series earned the second-place spot in MotorTrend’s luxury midsize sedan rating, barely beaten by the Audi A6. It has even more powertrain options than the 4-Series sedan, though its base turbo-four is slightly weaker. The M5 models all feature a twin-turbo V8 under their hoods, which can make up to 617 hp in the M5 Competition.

MotorTrend was particularly impressed with the 530e plug-in version, which offers 21 miles of maximum electric range. Available in either front-wheel-drive or all-wheel drive, it generates a combined 288 hp and reaches 60 mph in 5.7 seconds. The AWD M550i was the quickest model tested by MotorTrend, hitting 60 mph in only 3.6 seconds.

Unfortunately, this  BMW’s lackluster handling holds it back from perfection. Drivers can still enjoy a polished interior with ample passenger and cargo dimensions.

2023 BMW 8-Series

The 8-Series sedan is the second-best luxury midsize fastback, but its high price tag could be a turn-off to many shoppers. The base model retails for $87,500, and the convertible models are close to $100,000. Every 840i has a 355-hp turbo-six and lavish interior features, including Merino leather seats and a panoramic sunroof.

However, that sunroof severely limits headroom in the rear row, which already has barely any legroom for adult riders. On the plus side, every 8-Series engine reportedly offers more satisfying performance compared to others tested by MotorTrend. Test drivers also appreciated all of the customization options available and the sedan’s revamped exterior design.

2022 BMW 3-Series

Though the 3-Series was beaten by many of its rivals, it still has a high overall score in the compact luxury sedan category. The base 330i is powered by a 255-hp turbo-four, while the most powerful M3 Competition makes 503 hp. However, MotorTrend couldn’t strongly recommend this model because of its stiff suspension.

While the hybrid’s trunk is smaller, most BMW 3-Series sedans have a maximum trunk area of 17 cu-ft. This luxury sedan also benefits from a highly intuitive infotainment interface with several standard tech features. 

Critics believe that a few more standard safety features and interior refinements are needed to boost this BMW’s overall ranking. Given how often BMW updates these sedans, there are definitely lots of opportunities for improvement.


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