Don’t Let an Ugly Face Stop You From Buying the 2021 BMW 4 Series

The BMW 4 Series gets a complete redesign for 2021, and it’s enough to land it on MotorTrend’s Car of the Year contender list. That’s a pretty big splash, considering the criteria required to even qualify for consideration. And while the 4 Series is earning high marks for performance, ride quality, and amenities, there’s one feature some can’t seem to get past. This stylish ride checks all the boxes but has a face that only a mother could love, as the saying goes. However, there is another expression that suggests not to judge a book by its cover. So, don’t let an ugly face keep you from buying this game-changing 2021 BMW 4 Series.

The BMW 4 Series is the epitome of the ultimate driving experience

It’s an awe-inspiring experience. That’s what critics like MotorTrend are saying about the driving dynamics of the 2021 BMW 4 Series. Reviews point out how smooth the turbo I-6 really is and how it begs the driver to squeeze every ounce of formidable power out of the engine. The paddle-shifting is responsive and quick. And even the AWD variations offer ultimate balance and curve-hugging sensitivity. It’s primed with wow factor and provides the ultimate driving experience for those who buy it.

A few notable setbacks to consider

As impressive as it is in testing, the BMW 4 Series does have a few setbacks that are worth considering. According to Car and Driver, the interior design may feel tired. Although enthusiasts might argue, BMW opted to stick with a tried and true layout. There are also notable visibility concerns and blind spots due to the high side sills. The biggest issue that reviews across many platforms are pointing out, though, is this car’s controversial grille design.

The BMW 4 Series is still a Car of the Year contender

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Despite the few cons, the BMW 4 Series is jam-packed full of pros. And it’s worthy of MotorTrend’s Car of the Year consideration for a number of reasons. The transmission is fantastic and responsible for this car’s impressive ride quality, but it does well in most every MotorTrend test.

The 4 Series surges ahead of the 33 cars in this contest with great results on the figure-eight, the 0 to 60 mph, and the accident-avoidance courses. The judges then spent two full days testing this car in real-world driving situations, including high-speed ovals, winding roads, and compromised road conditions. There’s no question – the BMW 4 Series proves it deserves to be in this competition.

The grille only a loyal BMW fan can love

Let’s get back to the grille. The BMW 4 Series is all style and performance, but then it “smiles” and, to some, features a row of buck teeth. The signature kidney-shaped grille is becoming the topic of many critical discussions. Some say the split design looks out of scale while others call it downright ugly. And nearly everyone is of the opinion that it certainly drives better than it looks.

The 2021 BMW 4 Series began landing in dealerships in October. Go and experience one first-hand and come to your own conclusions. But remember, when you go in for a test-drive, you may have to look past the unflattering grille design. If a high-performing luxury car is what you need, and you can look beyond the ugly face, this car is a dynamite ride. It exudes enough excellence to land it on the MotorTrend Car of the Year Award contender list. It may not have a pretty smile, but the BMW 4 Series certainly brings its A-game in every other aspect.