A red 2021 BMW M4 on a blacktop section on a flat plain.
2021 BMW M4 | BMW of North America LLC.

This BMW M4 is known for its outstanding performance and driving dynamics. The model is engineered to give the driver the feel of unbridled power. While the exterior grille design has become a controversial subject, primarily to loyal BMW enthusiasts, interior design and performance make up for those who dislike the exterior aesthetics. It comes with a slew of technological advancements that give the model a luxurious and extravagant feel.

It comes as a sedan and convertible with a manual option for purists who enjoy that authentic sporty feel. The model gives off a track feel with its agile handling and competitive 0 to 60. The model is great for adventurous thrill-seekers who want the power of a track performance vehicle and the amenities of a high-end luxury car. With an abundance of safety features and class, it is made for all walks of life and is an excellent option for any car enthusiast.

About BMW

  • 2022 BMW M4 (Starting MSRP $56,700)
  • Pro: The interior is luxurious with performance-driven driving dynamics. 
  • Con: The front grille has become a controversial subject amongst many BMW loyalists as not appealing.
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