BMW, like this 3 Series driving on a scenic road, is among brands that are leased the most
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A Used BMW 320i Is a Super Affordable Luxury Starter Car

The thought of owning a BMW has likely crossed almost everyone’s mind at some point in life, and luckily, the 320i can make it a reality. The BMW 320i was actually discontinued a couple of years ago, but the beauty behind buying one not only lies in its entry-level opulence, but also in its bargain …

2019 Maserati Ghibli
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These Are the Least Reliable Luxury Cars of 2020

If you’re going to spend a large sum on a luxury car, you don’t want to get stuck with an unreliable model. Of all the cars on the Consumer Reports luxury car ratings list, these are the least reliable luxury cars of 2020. Let’s take a closer look at each of the unreliable 2020 luxury …

A blue 2021 BMW X3 at sunset.

It Might Surprise You to Learn BMW Is in Your Budget

In many ways, a BMW is a quiet announcement of success in the driveway. From high-performance vehicles to luxury SUVs and crossovers, BMW is an automaker with something that everyone admires. If you’ve been shopping for your next previously owned BMW or still aspire to it, here is a list of BMW’s best for your …

2006 Honda Civic lineup

What Kind of Car Can I Get for $5,000?

Although used car prices are expected to drop, especially with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it’s not like every single one will be universally affordable. True, a used Porsche Cayman or Audi S4 is a great deal, especially compared to a new model. However, they’ll never be truly cheap. Trying to find a car under $5000 …

2006 BMW E90 330i

Which Used BMW Is the Most Reliable?

Although BMW makes some extremely desirable vehicles, they haven’t always lived up to the German automaker’s reputation. Particularly when it comes to used reliability; the E60 M5, for instance, suffered engine failures described by owners as “catastrophic.” And even well-loved enthusiast choices like the E46 M3 are known for particularly-high running costs. However, it’s still …

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BMW Ready to Introduce New PHEV Sedans for 2021

BMW is set to further electrify its iconic 3 Series model lineup with the updated plug-in hybrid 330e and 330e xDrive sedans. The new PHEVs will play off of the 3 Series’ signature design, sharp handling, and dynamic equipment. BMW has coined this lineup as the heart of its brand. Brand new 4-cylinder PHEV powertrain …


Worst Problems With the BMW 328i

The BMW 3 Series are an affordable entry-level (but not the bottom of the barrel) car to introduce drivers to the BMW brand or to keep current BMW owners happy. The 328i is a popular model produced over several generations, and many owners seem to really love them. You may expect the cost of maintaining …

Mitsubishi Eclipse
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The 1 Car That Definitely Got Worse With Age

Overall, vehicles have gotten better over time. Sure, they’ve also gotten larger and heavier. But in terms of technology and safety, new cars trump classic ones. However, not every vehicle improved over the years. In chasing refinement, some risk losing their way, and their reputations along the way. And there’s one car, in particular, that …