A Used BMW 320i Is a Super Affordable Luxury Starter Car

The thought of owning a BMW has likely crossed almost everyone’s mind at some point in life, and luckily, the 320i can make it a reality. The BMW 320i was actually discontinued a couple of years ago, but the beauty behind buying one not only lies in its entry-level opulence, but also in its bargain price. So unless you’re yearning to sit behind the wheel of a brand-new BMW, we will tell you why a used BMW 320i is likely the best way to get into the brand.

The BMW 320i was a little down on power

2013 BMW 320i
2013 BMW 320i | BMW

The BMW 320i made its debut in 2013 and gave buyers a taste of the champagne life on a beer budget. It came in at over $4,000 less than the 328i at the time and even used the same 2.0-liter, turbocharged four-cylinder engine, however, it had 60 fewer horsepower. The 328i was rated at 240 hp, while the 320i produced 180. It was a huge difference, and the performance numbers showed it.

According to Car and Driver, the BMW 320i was able to get to 60 mph in 6.5 seconds, which was 0.9 seconds slower than its 328i stablemate. But that lack of power was only evident in the mid-range of the powerband, meaning both cars would accelerate the same, but after 50 mph, the 328i would have the advantage. Of course, to the average person looking to get into a luxury car, they most likely won’t really care. After all, it’s a BMW, and the badge on the front of the car, along with everything else it has it’s what is more important.

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Despite the lack of power, the 320i is still a BMW

If you can get past the fact that the BMW 320i makes less than 200 horsepower, you’ll be treated to rest of what the car has to offer. It still does make 200 lb-ft of torque, which is what matters more than horsepower, and it still has the same 50:50 weight distribution for excellent handling. Drive dynamics aside, you can still get the same power-adjustable leather seats, Bluetooth, auto headlight control, auto climate control, 17-inch wheels, and sunroof, as you expect in a BMW.

If you a 320i that has a little sportiness added to it, then we suggest finding one with the M Sport package, which adds 18-inch wheels and stickier tires along with sports seats and a sportier suspension. While acceleration and all-out power aren’t the 320i’s strong points, it’s clear that handling and agility are. It makes sense, considering BMW’s “Ultimate Driving Machine” tag line doesn’t mean that all of its models ultimately only drive well in a straight line.

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2013 BMW 320i
2013 BMW 320i | BMW

The BMW 320i does come with much more

To enhance your driving experience, the BMW 320i also includes dynamic stability control, Automatic stability control, dynamic brake control, and an electronically-controlled limited-slip function for the differential. If you want options like driver-assist features or a surround-view camera, they are available, but you would need to find a 320i with the driver assistance package and the Premium package to get some of the nicer amenities.

When it was new, the BMW 320i was priced around $35,000. Luckily, in today’s used market, you can find them nationwide for anywhere between $8,000 to $25,000 depending on the car’s condition, mileage, and equipment. So if you’re looking to get into something a little more luxurious than a Honda Civic and still want to pay the Honda Civic price, then the BMW 320i could be your best bet.