A blue 2021 BMW M2 CS taking a tight track corner
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Why Is Owning a BMW So Tempting?

When it comes to shopping for a luxury car, most prospective buyers will likely shop between the three main German rivals: Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz. While Audi and Mercedes are great brands and produce excellent products, BMW seemingly stands out in almost everyone’s minds as a “must-have.” But why? BMWs are known to have high …

Trucks & SUVs

The BMW X4 Is The SUV For People Who Don’t Like SUVs

SUVs are practical, safe vehicles that offer more space – and typically more off-road ability – than your average sedan. For many people, SUVs are favorited over minivans and trucks because they offer the ability to fit more people while not sacrificing style and cargo capacity. There are a lot of good looking SUVs, and …