Two people stick their head out the sunroof to watch a drive-in movie
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Electric Cars Are Better for Drive-Ins

Two popular topics during the global COVID-19 pandemic have been electric cars and the resurgence of the drive-in movie experience. VW says that electric cars are “more inevitable” and Walmart is converting many of its locations into drive-in movie spots. Interestingly, both of these topics go hand-in-hand.  Lockdown means time to learn about electric cars …

The front end of a white 2020 Golf R from Volkswagen
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Electric Cars More Inevitable, VW Says

Tesla has done a lot to jumpstart the major auto manufacturers’ electrification efforts. The company has shown that electric cars for the masses are a possibility. Other manufacturers have taken notice and strengthened their own efforts to pursue creating more electric cars in their lineups. Volkswagen seems to be falling in line as well. Electric …

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What Happened to the Volkswagen CC?

The Volkswagen CC was a sleek-looking version of its Passat stablemate that added a unique sense of style to the brand’s lineup for years and then abruptly disappeared. It was a trailblazer of sorts, in that it belonged in a unique category and stood out from almost anything else on the road. It was eventually …

A brand new convertible Volkswagen Beetle is displayed on the sales lot at Serramonte Volkswagen
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The 2015 Volkswagen Beetle is Fun But Flawed

The iconic Volkswagen Beetle is such a pleasant ride that many enthusiasts think that you should own one, at least once. Throughout its long history, this classic coupe made a name for itself for being both sporty and fun. But unfortunately, VW  officially stopped producing the Beetle in 2019 so the only option we have …

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Best Road Trip Cars: Volkswagen Arteon

If you’re looking for a cushioned ride that’s also practical and lively, the 2020 Volkswagen Arteon might be the sedan for you. The Arteon incorporates both luxury and efficiency, making it an attractive buy. This sedan’s acceleration and driving dynamics helped it earn the title as the best luxury sedan for road tripping according to …

The front end of a white 2020 VW Atlas SUV
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VW and Ford Alliance Strengthens, Future Merger Possible?

Many may not remember this, but back in January 2019, Volkswagen and Ford made an alliance to work together on commercial vehicles. Just a few months later, in July 2019, they agreed to work together also on battery and self-driving technology development. Just Thursday, the relationship between the manufacturers tightened even more as a new announcement surfaced from VW. Scratching …