Volkswagen Golf GTI seen at the New York International Auto Show
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The Volkswagen Golf GTI Will Pep Up Your Boring Commute

Volkswagen introduced the first-generation Golf in May 1974. It was intended to be a sportier, longer range, front-wheel drive (FWD) replacement for the Beetle. The Volkswagen Golf GTI variant was introduced in June 1976 featuring a fuel-injected 1.6-liter engine. Despite its relatively small engine, it had a top speed of around 110 mph—not bad for …

2021 Harlequin VW Golf
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Volkswagen Brings Back Harlequin Golf For 2021

Once you saw one you never forgot them. Those Volkswagen Harlequin Polos from 1995. Do you remember them? 1995 Polos got separately-painted panels of Chagall Blue, Ginster Yellow, Pistachio Green, and Tornado Red. Some loved them, so hated them, but you have to admit it was a crazy idea from staid VW. Now it unveiled …

A red 2021 Volkswagen Golf GTI driving down a highway

The Most Reliable 2021 Compact Cars According to Consumer Reports

Even as SUVs intensify in popularity, the compact car class is still holding strong. Compact cars or sedans are the most rational choice for city living and everyday commutes. Today you have plenty of options to choose from, whether you want something clever or upscale. We’ve gathered a list of the most reliable 2021 compact cars to help you …

2022 VW Golf R
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The 2022 VW Golf R Has Evolved Into Its Highest Form

Hot hatches are the coolest. Full-stop. They hit all the major food groups; fast, efficient, practical, and good looking. In almost every other segment in the automotive industry, you end up sacrificing something to get something else. The hot hatch group, in general, doesn’t really feel that way. So, we agree; hot hatches are the …

a brand new premium tire
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Saving Money on Cheap Snow Tires Could Cost You

Snow tires are a game-changer if you live in a place where it snows a lot. But another set of four tires isn’t a small expense. However, snow tires aren’t all created equal. Probably having any snow tires is better than not. Still, it turns out that saving money on snow tires could cost you. …

1981 Volkswagen Golf Gti Mk1, 2000
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You Really Should Buy a Volkswagen Golf GTI

There are plenty of great cars in the world. There are great cars that do everything well, and the cost reflects like the Lamborghini Urus. Some vehicles do a few things well enough to make it worth the more spartan appointments like a base-trim pick-up truck or economy cars like the Chevy Silverado or Honda …

2021 Toyota Corolla Apex
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These Are the Best 2021 Models Under $30,000

According to Car and Driver, there are some pretty great values to be had in the 2021 model year. The folks over there put together this awesome list of the best 2021 models under $30,000. If you are looking for a new car that won’t break the bank, there is a great chance you’ll find …

A silver 2001 Volkswagen Beetle RSI in front of a red-brick building
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The Volkswagen Beetle RSI: An $80,000 Golf R32 Preview

The Golf name has adorned quite a few high-performance Volkswagens. And before the R, the fastest Golf was the all-wheel-drive R32. But before the hot hatch received its powertrain, another VW product tested it out first. Which led to one of the rarest, fastest, and priciest Volkswagen Beetles ever: the Beetle RSI. Volkswagen Beetle RSI …

A selection of custom golf carts are on display at a dealership
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Custom Golf Cart Body Kits Are Real and Awesome

I have written before about an interest I had in starting a custom golf cart shop. My interest in the industry was born out of epiphany I had while exploring the town of Colonial Beach, Virginia, which is a certified golf cart community. It was there that I realized that custom golf carts are a …

2010 Mk6 Volkswagen GTI

What’s the Best Year for the Volkswagen GTI?

It’s rare for a single car to define a segment. However, the original Mk1 Volkswagen GTI, the first hot hatch, did so. Over the years, it inspired several European rivals, like the Peugeot 205 GTI, Renault Clio Williams, and Fiat 500 Abarth. Japanese and American automakers also got involved, with cars like the Nissan Pulsar …

2006 Honda Civic lineup

What Kind of Car Can I Get for $5,000?

Although used car prices are expected to drop, especially with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it’s not like every single one will be universally affordable. True, a used Porsche Cayman or Audi S4 is a great deal, especially compared to a new model. However, they’ll never be truly cheap. Trying to find a car under $5000 …

1983 Volkswagen GTI Callaway

Who Would Pay Almost $40,000 for a 1983 Volkswagen GTI?

Although the Beetle eventually led to the Porsche 911, it’s the Golf that’s arguably more important to Volkswagen. Initially sold as the Rabbit in the US, the Golf has been used for everything from basic transportation to dual-engine Pikes Peak racer. Then there’s the Volkswagen GTI, which kick-started the hot hatch segment, creating rivals like …

the AWDe is a great example of why knowing what drivetrain and powertrain mean is important

The Most Satisfying Small Cars Under $35,000

Owner satisfaction is best determined by how likely drivers would buy the car in question again. This doesn’t mean that the car doesn’t have flaws, but that its overall value supersedes everything else. Check out the most satisfying small cars under $35,000 that Consumer Reports’ members would buy again based on offered reliability, safety, and …

1987 Twin-Engine Volkswagen Golf II

This Volkswagen Golf Pikes Peak Race Car Has Two Engines

Although postponed for 2020, the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb has nevertheless seen its fair share of incredible entries. For example, Ken Block built a 1400-hp AWD 1965 Mustang for the 2017 race. The original Audi Quattro raced there, as well, and in 2019, a Bentley Continental GT set a new production car record. Both …

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Volkswagen Introduces Its First Virtual Car Show

Automakers have been forced to get extra creative by utilizing digital experiences to keep customers engaged since dealerships are closed and car shows have been canceled related to the novel coronavirus. The German-based Volkswagen Group is among those looking to give customers new ways to interact with them in these current times. For the first …

A golf cart made to look like Pixar's Mater from the Cars movie
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Golf Carts Are Not Just for Golf Courses, Part 1

I am an auto enthusiast. As such, I have always had dreams of owning and operating one car business or another. The first limiting factor, of course, is capital to either get the business started or to purchase an already existing one. Also, I recognize that jumping into a full-fledged automotive business without taking steps …

2018 Volkswagen Golf GTI
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New Volkswagen Golf Coming in Late October

The Volkswagen Golf has been in production since 1974 and it has easily become one of the brand’s flagship vehicles. Known for its economical, affordable, and fun style, the Golf hatchback has fans all over the world. Scheduled to begin its eighth generation, the question remains: will the 2020 Volkswagen Golf continue to be one …