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Passenger's side front view of blue 2022 Volkswagen Golf R with mountains in the background

Is the 2022 Volkswagen Golf R Faster Than the 2019 Golf R?

The 2022 Volkswagen Golf R comes equipped with many new features, including a powerful new 2.0-liter turbocharged direct-injection engine. This translates to a faster speed and quick acceleration. Additional performance upgrades include the new vehicle dynamics settings and new rear-axle torque vectoring feature, which help with handling and cornering abilities.
A blue 2022 Volkswagen Golf R drifts through the snow

Watch the 2022 Volkswagen Golf R Shred Through Snow

While the standard Golf has been discontinued in the US, Volkswagen hasn’t left its hatchback buyers high and dry. In addition to the upcoming Mk8 GTI, we’re also getting the next-gen Volkswagen Golf R. And while the ongoing pandemic has made reviewing cars trickier, YouTube team The Straight Pipes still wanted to witness the Golf …
A photo of the Mercedes-AMG A 45 S utilizing its drift mode on track.

Drift Mode Is a Pointless Hot Hatch Feature We Actually Love

The recent unveiling of the 2022 Volkswagen Golf R brought along the announcement of a unique new feature. The Golf R now features a new drift mode, which in theory, should allow its owners to do wonderful skids on the track. The VW isn’t even the only hot hatchback to offer it. So far, only …
A photo of the upcoming Volkswagen Golf R in a studio.

Volkswagen Teases the Most Powerful Golf Hatchback Its Ever Made

The Volkswagen Golf R is the higher-performing version of the already quick Golf GTI. While the GTI has to make do with front-wheel drive, the Golf R gets a more powerful engine and all-wheel drive. The result is that the Golf R is consistently one of the fastest cars Volkswagen makes. Since the eight-generation Golf …
The rear view of the blue 2004 Volkswagen Golf R32 that sold for $62,000 on Bring a Trailer

Was This 2004 Volkswagen Golf R32 Really Worth $62,000?

To many enthusiasts, ‘R32’ refers to Nissan Skyline GTRs. But it’s also the name of a Volkswagen: the Golf R32. Previewed by the Beetle RSi, the Volkswagen Golf R32 was a step up in performance from the GTI hot hatch. But does that justify spending $62,000 on a used one? 2004 Volkswagen Golf R32: background, …

Is an Audi S3 Just a More Expensive Volkswagen Golf R?

It’s fairly common knowledge now that Volkswagen is the parent company to Audi and that both model lines share common platforms, parts, and engines. However, it’s not an easy cross-comparison for most of the models. For example, a top-trim Volkswagen Atlas is not the same as an Audi Q7 and an Audi A4 is not …