Volkswagen Teases the Most Powerful Golf Hatchback Its Ever Made

The Volkswagen Golf R is the higher-performing version of the already quick Golf GTI. While the GTI has to make do with front-wheel drive, the Golf R gets a more powerful engine and all-wheel drive. The result is that the Golf R is consistently one of the fastest cars Volkswagen makes. Since the eight-generation Golf and Golf GTI have already made their debut, it’s only a matter of time until the range-topping model arrives. To tease us a bit, Volkswagen released an image showing the upcoming Golf R’s rear hatch.

What makes the Volkswagen Golf R so great?

A photo of a Volkswagen Golf R on a track.
Volkswagen Golf R | Volkswagen

According to Volkswagen, the Golf R can trace its roots to the fourth-generation Golf R32 from 2003. Like the current Golf R, the R32 was an upgraded version of the GTI, which included a larger VR6 engine. The larger engine produced 238 hp and 236 lb-ft of torque. The Golf R32 was the world’s first production vehicle to feature a dual-clutch transmission. A six-speed manual was available, and the all-wheel-drive came as standard.

The current-generation Volkswagen Golf R doesn’t exactly change that recipe, featuring a 288-hp 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. All-wheel drive still comes as standard. A six-speed manual is available, as well as a dual-clutch transmission. Aside from the overall power benefit, the Golf R’s added traction advantage means it can fully utilize its power output. However, extra performance comes at an additional cost. While a base 2020 Golf GTI starts at $28,595, a base Golf R carried a starting price of $40,395 in 2019 before going out of production.

What can we learn from the teaser image?

A photo of the upcoming Volkswagen Golf R in a studio.
Volkswagen Golf R | Volkswagen

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The debut for the next-generation Volkswagen Golf R is just around the corner. To tease us, VW decided to publish the image posted above ahead of the reveal. While the image is just of the rear hatch, we can deduce a couple of minor details. For starters, the rear now features the all-new Volkswagen logo painted in gloss black with a white outline. The lack of a visible handle means the Volkswagen logo likely opens the trunk and hides the reverse camera.

Directly below the logo, we see the all-new ‘”R” emblem. Instead of having a pronounced R with a small black square behind it, the Golf R gets a unique logo that doesn’t seem to resemble any other model in the range. While it may seem obvious, the fact that the car in the photo is blue likely means that the new-gen Golf R will likely receive a new unique shade of blue. Since the very first Golf R32, blue has always been the signature color for the model.

Along with these new touches, we should see large brake calipers, new wheels, and other new paint colors. Re-designed front and rear bumpers should also join the fold to separate the Golf R from the standard Golf and Golf GTI.

When will Volkswagen reveal the all-new Golf R?

An up close image of the Volkswagen logo.
Volkswagen Logo | Hendrik Schmidt/picture alliance via Getty Images

According to Volkswagen, the new Golf R will make its global debut on November 4th as the most powerful Golf ever produced. Since the brand’s hot hatches are usually its most powerful, there is a chance it could also be the brand’s most powerful hatchback ever. Like all new car reveals these days, expect the event to take place online.

In terms of price, Volkswagen has yet to release pricing for the all-new Golf R. If previous model years are anything to go by, expect a decent price bump from the $40,395 base price from 2019.