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If you’re looking for a used car, you probably have a few guidelines. Most people want something that looks good, and you’ll probably also want one that has a relatively low amount of miles on the odometer. However, practically everyone wants a used car that they can depend on to not suffer major mechanical issues. Luckily, some vehicles have more models than others that get the seal of awesome from Car Complaints. This doesn’t mean every model year is perfect, but it does mean you’ll have an easier time finding options that you can trust.

Here’s a look into the vehicles with the highest number of “awesome” model years.

Used Toyota Sequoia: 15 model years

The Toyota Sequoia is a legendary SUV that has been on the market since 2001. Though some think new versions are outdated, this is the best used car for overall reliability. This is because it has the most model years that get the Car Complaints “seal of awesome,” which is 15. The Toyota Sequoia got this title because these model years have a low amount of complaints from customers.

Regarding used Toyota Sequoia models, the first to get the seal of awesome was the 2003 edition. Every used Toyota Sequoia model has the seal up until 2017. This means buyers have quite a few options when looking for a reliable full-size SUV. Some will also come at decent prices as they are a bit older. A used Toyota Sequoia could be perfect for people with families.

Used Toyota 4Runner: 12 model years

The used car with the second most models to get the Car Complaints seal of awesome is the Toyota 4Runner. This SUV has 12 model years that have the distinction, which means shoppers have both more recent options as well as much older models to pick from. The Toyota 4Runner is a long-running vehicle as it has been in production since 1984. It’s still going strong today despite not being as hot of a seller as it once was.

The first used Toyota 4Runner model with this distinction is the 2003 edition. The 4Runner got the seal of awesome from Car Complaints every year until 2014. Like with the Sequoia, this means buyers have quite a few years to pick from if they are looking for a reliable SUV. Though not as large as the Sequoia, a used Toyota 4Runner could also be a solid choice for people needing a family vehicle.

Used Volkswagen Golf: 11 model years

People looking for a smaller used car are in luck, as the Volkswagen Golf is the vehicle with the third-highest number of “awesome” used models. According to Car Complaints, there are an astounding 11 model years that have very few or zero complaints from customers. Though it’s been discontinued since 2021, the Volkswagen Golf was a long-running compact car. Production started in 1974, and this was one of the automaker’s most popular vehicles before coming to an end.

The first Volkswagen Golf with the seal of awesome was the 2002 model. The car held this honor until 2009. The 2010 and 2011 model years didn’t get the coveted seal, but the Golf returned to its glory in 2012 and retained it until 2014. This number of model years with the seal of awesome from Car Complaints gives used car shoppers a wide array of vehicles to choose from.

Always do your research on used cars

It’s important for used car buyers to know that no two vehicles are the same. Yes, the Toyota Sequoia has 15 model years with very few complaints. The problem is that even the most reliable model years can have issues. Because of this, you should do all you can to ensure you get a good one. This due diligence includes test drives, getting the vehicle report, and having a mechanic inspect the vehicles.

This list of the most reliable vehicles isn’t surprising for most people. Many people know that Toyota has legendary reliability, which means it makes sense it would have the two best used cars in this regard. Luckily, the three most “awesome” vehicles are diverse, as there are two different-sized SUVs and a compact car. Shoppers should remember that this doesn’t mean other vehicles are not reliable. It just means these have more models that are than their rivals. Buying a used car isn’t an easy task, but doing your research helps.

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